November 2017

Summary website optimization you tend to ignore the process of knowledge

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6, the proportion of all words is the density of keywords for home page columns, articles or the content page, generally not more than 10%, is generally in the 2%-8%, in the webmaster tools can be found.

Keywords: Keywords

1, including: target keywords and long tail keywords, keywords, the search volume according to popular keywords. The website keyword density is less than 10%, generally between 2%-8%.

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(the number of sites, the competition is not domain independent means is to optimize the keywords, and included the number of snapshot update time, outside the chain, how many keywords are exact matching, site time, PR value, in scale, with the home page) read more

How to improve the personal webmaster website advertising click rate

users on the site to stay longer, the more likely to see the ads and click behavior, so do you see the key is what type of site, make the site attractive enough, or some function modules of the website allows users to have the desire to stay for a long time. In this regard, game website, video website, the website has the advantages of novel richly endowed by nature, the user experience is relatively high in the Web2.0 community website can also do this, information portal or blog sites is relatively difficult, because many users to information websites and blog sites are watching content will directly want to know leave. So if you want to personal Adsense site the most direct way to increase user retention time is to choose the right type of site, otherwise it is possible to find. read more