August 2017

There is no rankings included live page analysis quality is the cause

for this case analysis for a website to find any binary, see what do you have in mind? A typical website full of greed, title, description, hate can fill a page. This site even if the weight be higher, but also have a common problem: do the best, after most of the rankings are back to the first page. The search engine is fair, if you are willing to replace the number of top quality rankings, you must accept this fact. If only by filling can meet the ranking, then Shanghai is not what dragon technology is. read more

True grassroots professional website construction and optimization of PK pseudo core method where

for a long time? ?

said that the world does not belong to the rich man, but not to have the right people, but to the people. Indeed, as long as the heart, money and power is perhaps desirable, but also has long been a floating cloud of smoke. Site construction and optimization is not also true? The website construction and website optimization practitioners professional pseudo thought that his great. Treat the customer site and anxiously looking forward to "not to regard it as right.

for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the ten twenty small companies and even micro company. In the face of rising the search engine for advertising, more inclined to hard work, constantly enrich the content of the website or build links, get a position nearer the top of the nature. More non site construction company, choose the form of outsourcing, the website optimization work commissioned by the third party company operation. There are also some companies, try to explore and learn to optimize the knowledge themselves, although the results for a long time, but the result is very satisfactory. The opposite result, let the site construction and site optimization practitioners in deep. The changing face of the search engine algorithm to adjust the core of search engine optimization methods, where? "Content is king, links to these eight words the emperor", in the end how to understand and implement read more

Forwards Mining four link bait form

here is absolutely no other meaning, many people love to get together. This is not the forum. If you put a controversial topic, and then deliberately shifted a little, to the more popular popularity community, and then set a few vest, that is a considerable effect of bait. I remember the teacher Wang Tong in the "donkey nets events" in a written article "A" to B "link, then the A web page is B of the reverse link, this link is helpful to improve the B web page ranking. But the behavior of ganji贵族宝贝 now is: "A to A" links, this is not the reverse link, make an unnecessary move behavior." The controversial results is quite big, attracted a large number of people watching, comment, and there are a lot of links to the original. But there is a degree of Oh, can not distort the principle. read more

Mo Xiangzhao do within the chain station station chain

weapon site weightThe

chain refers to from other websites into their own websites, I believe that many owners have to understand her definition of links is a very important process for the website optimization, the quality of import links directly determine the weight of our website in search engine. This may refer to many large chain is very powerful, because it is able to raise up the weight, weight and then optimize on the other hand, it can make the website development method, outside chain release we also said a lot, often have Links, soft Wen submitting, forum and blog publishing etc. the construction of the chain method, their advantages and each one has its own merits. read more

Love does not mean Shanghai included more ranking


these days and customers together to eat dinner, chat, enjoy the fish, looks very like the tone, in fact most of the time of life is a way to be able to work at ease. We don’t need to be busy don’t need to put a scorched by the flames, a shrewd way to look at the business of this problem, in fact a lot of time to design vines and customers when friends place. We can find a place of leisure, do not eat too fast, can talk nonsense, and perhaps we can find some work related but related topics. But no matter how professional topic chat, and the end will have different effects on the beginning of each. read more

A right Webmaster website optimization experience and the process of sharing

right of o master in the past 10 years, in November 15th the creation of the site is site of the original plan is to do some difficult words, after a period of time, the third generation of sand making machine finally love Shanghai ranked first page. At this time, a colleague told me back the word high sand making machine, although the competition is not fierce, but it is very difficult to love Shanghai home, so I went to the word analysis, the conclusion is: do love Shanghai home is relatively easy. I was in the key words which added the word back, sand making machine, did not bother to add anchor text for the word, not a long time, suddenly one day back high sand making machine, the word ranking first in love in Shanghai. Very happy, thought that the word ranking never lost, but also so difficult. Did not think six days later it was third pages a month later, the time he was second or third pages, nearly two months time he saw a return, ranking to the first page, but this time in shorter time period: 3 days later! Until now he has been ranked second on the page, colleagues said: well I want to do the first page, the original estimate is a matter of time, I admit that now is not a matter of time, because the station began to have six months of time. Now that he is approach to the problem: if the counter type sand making machine and high sand making machine at the same time do love the first page of Shanghai, then back to high sand making machine is certainly on the first page. .. read more

Do a search WeChat itself almost

and so on, Ali cloud and other vertical search failed to inform the entire market, in the current market environment, the vertical search is not only the user pay, unable to break through the limitations of the existing search, it is difficult to love to pull down Shanghai and around 360 from the user. To know the former is the first to enter the search company, which has great popularization rate of desktop entrance, WeChat as mobile products.

second, WeChat search in vertical search further. In fact, in some sense, WeChat search is to start from the vertical field, and gradually occupied the market. Unfortunately, the first step is not elected to the. With the information, WeChat users may not pay all. Because in the internal group, WeChat has no real statistics how many friends really focus on public accounts push message. Whether the information has become one of the main user habits, I think the official WeChat oneself are not sure. As immediate contact products, WeChat will have more means in the diversified development, this is really a problem. read more

A bitter cry Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon really fame it

made this blog from Nantong Shanghai dragon after 15 years, we have no rest, no basis for a website, the server does not understand the bird, make the first blog of the sense of achievement is quite high, whether it is reproduced or original, will take three hours to do in a day, up to now still, even though some of my own I write some people recognized, but overall is still very tired, tired that I have wanted to give up, but not willing to, for a highly educated, highly skilled people, perhaps only a day to do these things, will make life full of some. read more

Content is king has to support the chain for the emperor out of it

Cross link A large number of

purchase link, usually buy rankings, one-way links high weight website, often the weight factors of two websites and other aspects are very far, you say so natural? Certainly not natural, such as a new station, through the purchase link, there are several good old home page weight a one-way link to you, nature, the old station will do such a good one-way links to you? Certainly not, nature can judge hyperlink belongs to cheating.

group links, before this can determine the mass content, the mass content of the link, the link belongs to the mass, that some people say that without content, only group links, actually this is not difficult to judge, with only a lot of links, not content, but also belong to the group, and this is not conducive to the user experience, because it is a link that links around no text, users do not know what this links to place the links inside is what kind of content, generally not to click on, that is only for the search engine. read more

How do the local life information website

two, according to the demand to expand the long tail word layout content

search is the latest love Shanghai users are most concerned about the content, but also directly reflects the needs of users for this keyword, we can see that this word has Changsha air-conditioning repair air-conditioning brand demand from the figure (GREE, Hisense, Changsha air conditioning maintenance beauty) and regional demand (Changsha Yuhua District air conditioning maintenance), out of our local maintenance air conditioning user needs on the basis of these we began making content. read more