July 2017

One of China’s bottom of the small webmaster shout

is now developed in science and technology, and the Internet is spreading. Especially for a populous country like China, it is surging like a tidal wave. Sites such as bamboo shoots after the rain one after another, the station is not difficult, but the difficulty how to survive on their own, how to promote their own websites, and even how to make their stand to profit. These problems are not difficult to spare, one has great dreams of the webmaster.

read the pipeline story of the dream of establishing a pipeline, their true, who do not want to have a pipeline can make their own lifetime? See many friends everywhere crazy to build the pipeline, after the building will not go to him, or he is too tired to not, than the first pipeline fall. At last the pipes burst and their beliefs and dreams became dull. read more

Personal Adsense promotion experience and skills summary

        do stand for years, garbage stations, various websites have done a lot, through the SEO harvest is there, but to obtain long-term interests and a stable income so far can say nothing! Here SEO is actually can grasp some, but if you want to pass the SEO of permanent income and success possibility almost is very small, so there are a lot of growing up a successful stand factors, SEO is just a way, can not rely too much on.

Shenzhen foreign trade station March Alibaba home advertising

report: Shenzhen stationmaster alliance Huang Dongtian Shenzhen the most potential sites for the period recommended: Shenzhen foreign trade network (www.szfob.com)

below is by the Shenzhen foreign trade website, Ling first grow dictation, Xiao Huang finishing, if your station is very unique, you can communicate together, oh, Shenzhen Adsense League group: 49510801

Shenzhen foreign trade network very happy today, do Alibaba Shenzhen foreign trade network the whole three months to cooperate with us! I am a personal webmaster Oh, had little contact with the network, just to see a lot of people from the Internet to Amoy gold, he would like to spare time to do a station to try! Shenzhen is the largest city site. But very many, for many industries, but the competition is quite fierce! When a friend suggested that, Shenzhen is the largest city in export, the annual output value of hundreds of billion, tens of thousands of companies engaged in foreign trade industry and a large number of people! If we can make foreign trade to Shenzhen our Shenzhen website to read more

Who let stall man put a stall

who let "stall man" put a stall analysis, there are three

1, employment difficult,

2, education chaos

3, survival difficult

is the first difficult employment, the job market is a mess, especially to the graduation job peak peak, many enterprises do not love not love more graduates, graduates without work experience, they are not willing to say the time to cultivate graduates, mostly to my work, to to create the maximum benefits for the company in the shortest time. I work experience of graduates which come to you, no chance to practice to practice, to which we experience, if according to this logic continues, not those of us 80 graduates do not have a lifetime experience, it is very absurd, ah, no one to find yourself, only think of the worst on the back, being laughed at the pressure to survive, not to go to stall. read more

What is your website’s worth talking about the future living space of your website

‘s website is now out of cattle! Big fluctuations, no small disturbances, everyone is ready! Are you ready? Today I will communicate with you about the future development of the website and the value of the website in the future!


is well known, the meaning of the web site itself is to build a large virtual reality network. At the same time, publicity has brought great convenience to people’s life! One of the country’s network development can assess the country’s standard of living, the popularity of computers is one of the biggest manifestation! read more

Personal Adsense original in fact is a force

N more reprinted articles appear on the network, which not only brings the news of the Internet highly repeated, but also cause visitors boredom and displeasure.

just imagine, when you see the same text on the web site on another website and on many websites, do you think the content is the same and it doesn’t appeal to you?

personal website, will often fall into a mainstream follow state, because of the lack of its own content and their inadequate, but some of the popular and reprinted by search engines included duplicate articles, log. In this case the site itself is not unique, but if you keep 24 hours a day in front of the computer does not stop copy and paste, and eventually there will not be of great value here, "this two word value" is for the site of its traffic, user experience, and cost. Many owners rely on collection, but this is not a long standing Road, and the more you collect, the greater the risk of being stopped. The search engine is not feel tasteless gesture, because the TA has already been chewed for thousands of times, will not hesitate to refuse to eat. read more

‘ve been fighting for 18 years not to drink coffee with you

statement: This article from December 24, 2007 "China Youth Daily" Author: ".

3 years ago, a wheat "I struggled for 18 years before you sit together and drink coffee" caused much sympathy, children of a farmhouse after 18 years of struggle, to get on an equal footing and the metropolitan in the peer right, a true portrayal of a generation. However, over the past 3 years, I come to realize that he too early. What about 18 years? I can’t sit down with you and have coffee while the rich times stack up. read more

How to improve the flow of Blog

has been saying that my traffic can not go up, how can you improve traffic?. In fact, we blog, of course, hope that many people come to see, a lot of people to comment, at least for their own text is kind of positive. When your blog is on again. Then traffic is especially important to you.

How does

improve blog traffic?. In fact, Baidu is a lot of people. Original article, do SEO, keyword, exchange links. In fact, you have done these, you still do not flow. Blogs think it’s impossible to have a lot of traffic in the short run, unless you’re a celebrity blogger or you’re unique. Yufeng blog, to help you become a link, then you must fire. We are neither celebrities. The article does not want Han Han to be so sharp. How do we increase traffic?. We can only move another way. read more

ncomplete 2 website endless sentimental

saw the last station, the hands of the heart have mixed feelings, maybe this is the last time to play, perhaps will never leave the internet. Perhaps there are many reluctant, perhaps there are many disappointments, but for a disappearing in the network of people, which is the final struggle, although I understand the meaning of the station, but also to understand what they are doing is valuable. But how about that,


original into company is to the Internet, to the webmaster dream, round the clock after more than four months, on the more than 100 day of the industry time, finally the pregnancy in October as their website to children born child, the boss at the last moment stuck in the chair to face up the boss. At that moment, I am deeply disappointed, I deeply feel helpless! Two days later I wrote a letter of resignation from Liang Qichao before dying if inside: "strong kill the thief, powerless, pain is pain!" so I go, as I gently gently away the ABSP, do not take a cloud! To hesitate to also resolutely refuse. The boss didn’t leave me, because I know now that 2 years after It is all up with, to bring the brothers to go to Beijing, 3 years later to everyone a car oath, rang in my ears. But everything is gone now, read more

Kesion CMS combined with CSS to create a fresh style article list effect

From the point of view of

forum, and many users are not familiar with CSS, today we talk about the Kesion CMS label list of call and talk about how to use CSS control list effect. Hope to be of some help to you….


news list is an important component of a web site. We will often encounter it, and how to deal with his appearance is particularly important. Today, let’s take an example. In an example, we float the title and date separately, and show different color changes when the linked mouse hovers. And we control the background of the LI so that it also generates some interaction. Overall, the results are good. You can see the following effect diagram: read more