April 2017

A number of major projects during the year ending

April 25th, the reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission, to give full play to the supporting role in key projects of investment, in 2014 the province’s planned 141 key projects, a total investment of 596 billion 300 million yuan, plans to invest 146 billion 100 million yuan this year. Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway line, Xining Railway Station renovation and construction project, Huatugou the health information of civil airport, and a number of major projects through tough construction, will wrap up at the end of the year. read more

304 people in our province to participate in the National Veterinary qualification examination

10 on Sept. 16, 2016 Qinghai area national veterinary qualification examination examination in Xining city. Registration through the network, from the province of animal husbandry and veterinary fronts, animal clinics, new graduates and other related industries 304 people participated in the examination.

it is understood that the national practice of veterinary qualification examination is the industry admission examination, is to assess whether the application of veterinary practitioners who have the necessary professional knowledge and skills in veterinary examination. Qinghai Province in 2010 began to organize the implementation of the National Veterinary qualification examination, examination veterinary qualification examination personnel for a total of 2916 people, as of 2015 through the examination personnel a total of 426 people (including the Ministry of agriculture awarded 117 people practicing veterinary), the veterinary practitioner of 267 people, 159 people practicing assistant veterinarians. read more

Outstanding entrepreneurial projects in South City debut

8 26, the second session of the entrepreneurship competition achievements of Qinghai province show by the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Department of finance, the provincial education department, provincial science and Technology Department, provincial Party committee and other 11 units jointly sponsored by the curtain opened in Qinghai International Exhibition Center, from the city more than and 290 projects together on the south the display of my province, people’s achievement of innovation and entrepreneurship. read more

2008 Xining electricity consumption reached a record high of nearly 18 billion kwh

Was informed that in 2008 from the Xining power supply company

days before our consumption of 17 billion 908 million kwh, compared with 2007 16 billion 517 million kwh, up 8.42%, a new record high.

it is understood that in 2008 the city power grid construction and transformation of fixed assets investment 1 billion 176 million yuan, completed and put into operation 750 thousand volt and 330 thousand volt substation of Xining Quan Wan substation, 330 thousand volt substation Yang Le, the expansion of 330 thousand volt substation in Huangyuan, the new and transformation of 5 110 thousand volt substation, new transformer capacity of 328 KVA, add 110 thousand kV and above line 210.7 km. After the transformation and new construction, the main power supply situation in Xining has been greatly improved, which provides a guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the power grid and the increase in electricity consumption. read more

During the May Day Xining Commission for Discipline nspection ruthless correction four winds

the morning of April 23rd, the Commission further strengthen the supervision and discipline of accountability to correct "four winds" television and telephone conference, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection act quickly, promptly issued "on the strengthening of the" 51 "during the Dragon Boat Festival work discipline and self-discipline work notice" requirement, party and government organs at all levels, state-owned enterprises and institutions and cadres to conscientiously implement the provisions of the central eight provinces and relevant measures to prevent the four winds problem rebound. read more

Analysis of market segmentation trend of environmental protection

With the gradual development of market economy, market segmentation is the inevitable result of the development of

. In the environmental protection industry is no exception, all kinds of environmentally friendly products have been subdivided into a variety of markets, entrepreneurs must have targeted investment and entrepreneurship.

now is not only environmental issues become the focus of attention, our environmental awareness is also rising, either now or in the future, environmental protection is a very important issue, it is a great potential for the development of environmental protection industry. However, the environmental protection industry is also facing the problem of refinement, then how to join the market to refine the environmental protection?. read more

Take the cool express tourists Xining treasure hunt

recently, all over the country in the autumn tiger angry, always sustained high temperatures, so a lot of tourists were attracted to the Xining cool, Xining launched a leisurely tour of "treasure".

a day to feel the four seasons tourists said

August 21st, the reporter saw in the wells Lane market, many tourists in the selection of products of Qinghai at the same time, will choose a shawl for yourself, in just ten minutes, more than and 40 shawls a store that was to buy a space. According to the owner, in addition to the arrival of the tourist season, tourist handicraft sales will be relatively high, some seasonal products will be sold, for example, shawls, fur products. Visitors Ms. Zhou told reporters that the reason to choose this kind of anti season products in this season is considered the climate change in Qinghai, where tourism, the day will be able to see the scenery of the four seasons, the morning is cloudless weather, after several hours of journey, I saw the snow of the snow capped mountains, sometimes the sun is shining, it is a downpour. read more

Urban and rural medical assistance one stop service start

September 11th, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and the Provincial Charity Hospital of Xining City, the first, second, and third people’s Hospital of Xining city hospital held the urban and rural medical assistance "one-stop" service signing ceremony, the ceremony marking the city’s medical assistance one-stop service work started.

it is understood that the medical assistance "one-stop" services to benefit the city’s urban and rural residents object, the beneficiaries, key special 170 thousand poor people in urban and rural areas, solve the past medical aid for the relief expense settlement procedures are complex, cumbersome problem fundamentally, before the disease after salvage rescue for the disease before and change disease, rescue object only with valid documents to the designated medical institutions, medical institutions to advance the cost of medical treatment can timely hospitalization, discharge settlement only need to pay medical assistance after the individual pays the amount. In the past from the application to receive the subsidy takes about 1 months to shorten the time for discharge immediate settlement, which greatly facilitates the difficulties of the masses, at the same time, referral from non designated hospitals to "one-stop" services to designated hospital patients in referral to apply for subsidies. read more

Xining finalists information consumption pilot cities

days ago, the State Ministry of publicity of the first national consumer information pilot cities (counties, districts) in the list, Xining declaration and passed the selection of the respondent, in the 103 election talent shows itself in the city, successfully nominated 68 national the first pilot city information consumption list.

information consumption is a direct or indirect consumption of information products and information services for the consumption of the object, by the personal information consumption, enterprise information consumption and public information consumption. In recent years, with the development of information technology, information consumption has been promoted to the national strategic level, known as the expansion of domestic demand, boost the economy of the new engine. read more

Xining motor vehicle exhaust environmental labeling has been issued 131 thousand sets

Since the implementation of the "measures" Xining City motor vehicle emissions management emissions since January 1, 2010 in Xining City, the city in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection department of the "qualified motor vehicle environmental inspection mark management regulations" (including three counties and four districts) registration of the car used in the implementation of environmental label managementSince

January 1, 2010 Xining implementation of the "measures" Xining City motor vehicle emissions management emissions, require the city in accordance with the Ministry of environmental protection "qualified motor vehicle environmental inspection mark management regulations" (including three counties and four districts) registration of the car used in the implementation of environmental label management. Up to now, Xining in the use of motor vehicles 220 thousand, a total of 131 thousand sets of motor vehicle environmental inspection mark. read more