Secret how to do video marketing

today, we talk about how to do a good job of video marketing.

In fact,

video marketing effect is very good, as long as the master of the skills, operation up, or very easy to use. Nonsense not to say, directly into the theme.

1 how to choose a suitable video site

There are a lot of

video site I give you a simple difference.

choose a good video site, because it is not only related to your income, there is a problem that you upload the video review. A lot of people think I just need to upload my video on it, in fact, you also need to consider a problem is the site of the strict degree of video review. Different sites to verify the degree of video is not the same. We illustrate.

: for example, the general audit efforts to upload the smallest video, through the largest rate of the site is the potato network and 56 network. These two websites are my favorites. The rate is very good, as long as your title not too guanggaohua or too explicit (amount ~ the word) Secondly, pass rate relative to the 56 and, the pass rate is slightly inferior Youku and Tudou boss is a. Of course, you should pay attention to the title. Pass rate, I have done before the test, Youku is generally ninety percent, that is, if you upload one of the 50, then the general audit through the 45. Youku worthy of our choice.

as for Sina, Sohu ah, PPS ah, these are some of the more official website, the rate is relatively low, if you want to do some advertising video and some CPA ah, and so on, it is difficult to pass. Six words, that is the mass media websites, but the pass rate is very low, and like Sina, is in a horizontal line. So. Here, I recommend you choose Youku, potatoes.

(PS: here put in a word, although PPS is not suitable for video marketing, but I personally think that is more suitable for video alliance. Now do a lot of video alliance, if you choose the video alliance, then you can try PPS alliance. Although the PPS alliance through video upload rate is low, but you can use the method of online video sharing, and easy operation, the effect is also very good, just need to learn the skills and methods, in accordance with the idea of operation can go. We had better start the operation, do not operate more than one site, I found that everyone will like the batch operation. Whether it is a foreign click or advertising alliance, are like the batch operation of multiple sites, and even some students will ask me to more than and 10. In fact, I told you that there really is no need. Because of this Commission on the project, the key to making money is the amount of accumulation. If at the beginning of the operation of a number of sites, it will be scattered. Moreover, at the beginning of the operation, itself is in its infancy, but you operate more than words, not just to add to their troubles, will soon be able to hold on, but also on their own income has a great influence

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