Rational webmaster please stop mass behavior

talk about my personal experience and feelings, I do not know this article is not moving any cheese. Do not know if you can publish, if you see this article. Maybe it is because amdin5 webmaster also believes that the network group has become a chronic illness need treatment. This article can also be seen as a sketch of the network fraud.

because there is a new site just to promote online. So think of this despicable but widely used means mass

first course to carry forward the spirit of sharing network, search engine to search, wow tens of thousands of sites in providing bulk software download, are known as the cracked version of the registered version. It’s free anyway. Just try it down. Long term Internet experience let me free online resources or to take into account. Therefore。 360 security guards, Kabasiji. Full open. Sure enough. One by one, the virus Trojan appears. Hey ~ who let it free. Even if I could move your arms and legs and it should be. So one of the QQ group. EMAIL mass. BBS mass. BLOG mass.. A trial installation of a poisoned fire. Results can be imagined. Not a good.

see here maybe a lot of friends will have the same experience with me. Of course, that’s what I expected. It’s not so easy to get a good software. So we’ll go on to the next project

to find groups of shared software. And those who have software directly. Fortunately, I have a colleague who has been in a group of mass software mix. Little fame. So I introduced a few friends. Sure enough, a friend of a friend is a friend. Give me a website. Tell me a password. Say this is a charge website. The software is used in this password. I look. As expected, the website name code price. 98 registered members. Enjoy all marketing software. Oh, look at the toll station is normal. Not called mass. Marketing software.. Excited ING. Quickly put all the recommended software download. What specific does not say. Are popular software on the market. Charging site is not the same. No virus. (no poison has been enough for me to be happy for a while). How to use. Really intimate.. But a closer look. Or he helped me register. Or tell me to shut down all anti-virus software. Firewall may fail.. I really can’t close the firewall. Let’s deal with it.. The results are really "invalid".. All right. I am not a person who is easily discouraged. Make a plan for
it seems people used what I use is not good. Looks like you have to give yourself some blood. So after the recommendation of a friend to find a xun-xxx.net or do not write someone else signs. This is more formal. Each software is strictly cracked, said. In order to carry forward the spirit of network sharing. Only to crack the software. (later I came back to taste, your family is to break the spirit of sharing software. The >

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