WeChat marketing you can learn from the sales skills

yesterday, and friends to meet another friend T, T do sales, and then my friend wants to do some other projects, so, we in a square side of the KFC sat down to chat.

You should have seen

‘s appearance, also did not hear his voice, so for sure there is no God, what impression, only the name from [Wang] think.

why do I say this? Because, for T, the first thing that came into his eyes was your appearance, demeanor. Although, my friend and I are not his customers, he is also a professional habit, as soon as we see, we can obviously feel that you are not doing sales material.

so, when we sat down, he became our "leader", became our trainer, and began to talk about his project.

for his project, in fact is not called project, is a very common advertising agency, I did not have much interest, because I am not optimistic about this, although advertising from the original advertisement to the TV media to the current Internet new media, never looking back. However, in my own perspective in the electricity supplier industry, his project does not bring a good future. However, I am very interested in his sales skills and sales skills.

first, from his appearance. Do sales, are more professional. He is no exception, shirt, pants and shoes is more casual, presumably not run business today. Secondly, from his behavior, it is the accomplishment, hand hand, the tapping on the table then tap the table. And then, that’s eloquence. I can not say this, to give a few examples of it.

if you are my client, we are talking about business, let you on my platform to do activities. Then you may hesitate, or not directly. Then, I may say, you do not, I will find your peers to do, they do you can not do. Then, show him some of the better customer data. Then ask other people, in this case, do you want to do? The answer is obvious, certainly do ah, or was done by the opponent, the day is more uncomfortable.

this mapping to Taobao operations, WeChat marketing, the truth is the same. Taobao, you need to create a sense of urgency of the activities of the unique, missed is really No. However, now most of the Taobao are doing promotions, but today is the promotional price, tomorrow or the promotional price, the day after tomorrow, so consumers have begun to get used to this. WeChat, may be relatively good, relatively strong privacy, you say the time to end tomorrow, the day after tomorrow to the customer, do not give him the promotion price.

there is a deep feeling is that when you go to run the business, you go into a company, who will talk about the business is the bottom of the staff, is the middle manager, or

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