Entrepreneurial companies face the value of Ma Ma and other entrepreneurs were forced scoring rankin


recently, by Sina micro-blog WeChat to start, circle of friends and other "social battlefield" Chinese startups Carnival online activities — # startups # yen value war intensified. Up to now, micro-blog has been on the topic list 24 hours before the top of the list of five, crazy close to nearly 100 million reading.

line many startups have war, for the first time to show the team high values Yan photos and videos, from the new and old customers to marvel again and again. Ma Yun, Jia Yueting, Cai Wensheng and many other "business chiefs" was also forced to score ranking, the highest points obtained by LETV holding group Jia Yueting, the lowest score played by naughty friends, Ma Yun was eventually in the bag.


it is understood that the activities launched by the "city independent women" Jin APP and Shangzhi electricity supplier, with hundreds of startups together contributed a startup yen value war. For ice bucket challenge mode, startups challenge and invite war played awfully, but has been dubbed the Papi saw the sauce is too jealous, coming together to do the red net". Now, turning entrepreneurial company no longer only cold "financing" and "air", and gradually transformed into "face value", "care" this kind of slightly hot words, showing a soft place in women "she".

activities will continue until late April, due to the exposure to high value in Yan caused to reap the benefits of startups are the tricks for the game in the end.

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