Rice God Allen Lin had to hit a bag

said the chili sauce, many people first think of the old godmother: the price of 8 yuan, sold 1 million 300 thousand bottles per day, annual sales reached 4 billion, thousands of households into the table. On 90s century popular singer Allen Lin to Denver chili sauce market. He believes that although the old godmother sales and more well-known, but there are 40 billion large chili sauce market brand competition is very scattered, than people imagine so fierce.

is different from the old godmother and other brands, the brand "Allen Lin rice," sauce bottle price 39 yuan, the price is 4, the old godmother 5 times. But there are still a lot of people are willing to pay the price: only 30 million months on the eve of the rice God on sales over. Allen Lin entrepreneurs & I dark horse said that the end of next year sales can turn ten times, to reach 200 million.

in addition to sales on the good-looking, ye ye or capital darling. In August this year, announced the acquisition of 8300 rice, a new round of financing, since the total amount of financing has billions of dollars. The investment includes not only the Huiyuan Group and other catering enterprises, and other well-known investor Xu Xiaoping Zhenge fund endorsement.

Allen Lin today, and in 1993 with "love bird" fame of him? He did start a delicacy business? Strong brand old godmother already exists in chili sauce market, he also intends to how to build their own brands? Entrepreneur & I; black horse of the interview, to uncover the meal Ye two rounds of financing billions of dollars in secret.


entrepreneurship is an inevitable

see Allen Lin is a meal in Changsha, held in the brand conference, the day of the meal to the local Changsha BBK supermarket signed settled, but also the first time into the line of rice ye channel. Allen Lin’s ability to absorb powder on the same day has been confirmed, the scene is not only surrounded by three layers outside the three floor, there is a young reporter excitedly said to Allen Lin, I grew up listening to your songs".

in front of Allen Lin, wearing a white shirt, a pair of jeans, with a record cover and the same sunny smile. Allen Lin is under the stage and the audience, so that they will be Shaanxi pepper, pepper, chili peppers and other 7 kinds of bullet and real name.

Allen Lin and pepper have indissoluble bound.

2012, Allen Lin went to Taiwan to see the cultivation of local chili king about 900000 degree pepper, then in deep buried on Pepper’s curiosity and respect, will Taiwan chili sauce again inside and outside research.

Spring Festival in 2015, a friend asked Allen Lin to do a new year gift box as conform to no conventional pattern, Allen Lin spur of the moment to do a pot of chili sauce, did not expect to get the praise of friends.

then make chili just based on personal interest, and investor interest to Allen Lin’s determination to make a business of chili sauce.

Allen Lin likes

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