Lao Xie how to use soft Wen to establish the website brand

Xie I have been emphasizing the site brand building, but it is also a brand not know what to say, in fact it is a consumer mouth of the formation of the state. Everyone said, I think it is good, it is the essence of the brand.

that how to make everyone say your site is good, the product is good, I recommend a method that everyone can use – soft Wen promotion. I believe we are not unfamiliar with the soft, but the use of it, will be the brand to create a weapon. That how to use soft Wen to set up the website brand?

1, writing soft Wen

this is a very important aspect, if is a pointless waste soft, it will affect your brand, pay attention to, definitely not propaganda exaggerated advertisement, in the forum, we will often see what day earn million new projects such exaggerated soft, can’t you make people hate you, so, your soft Wen as a recommendation to write, give a person with real experience, the real thing, make people to be more able to remember your site.

2, the number of soft Wen

if you have decided to use the soft brand strategy, then please don’t give up, because it is not a soft paper can be played all over the world era, a soft effect, like in the vast network of the sea, into a stone, the stone is still only continuously that will lead to more and more huge waves.

3, the release of soft

please don’t choose BBS mass in the form of this effect in addition to the chain increase of no value, no action recommended to build their own website BLOG, or portal release, it will make you soft Wen effect, but also for your brand, there will be a great improvement.

4, pay attention to the site’s PR

but found a crisis public relations, the need to deal with urgent, if necessary, the need to use some of the soft text to counter attack to ensure that your website brand from the outside world, slowly.

old Xie QQ466715240, welcome to communicate with the webmaster, and pay close attention to the building of the brand website. In this paper, the first ADMIN5, reproduced please indicate: Thank you.

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