How to promote my website

website promotion is a lot of obstacles, especially a lot of just when the head, no promotion experience, so site traffic is pitiful! I’m not going to come here and everyone with a commonplace talk of an old scholar, such as Links, space, blog, forums, optimization keywords, published new articles and so on. Here I would like to remind you webmaster friends, should be to promote the site from a new perspective, that is to say, just the way to list is sure to do, but you should also be based on the actual situation of your web site and the situation in the industry, to develop a suitable for your own unique website promotion plan.

now I’m going to talk about the 720 site I built, how to achieve innovation and promotion.

we certainly are very clear, at present the entire Internet, navigation network is already saturated, since hao123 is famous since the navigation network can rarely do well like it, so Baidu was so generous to buy it. Therefore, now to do network navigation, if not their own originality, I suggest to do the best friend is not, unless you have a very good idea, can make a completely different and other navigation network objects, and can attract many people to come to. The site is like a star, once famous, does not want to show it is hard, the dominant position has been hard to shake. So the bright younger generation to catch up, it is difficult to.

of course there are difficulties, but there is a good saying, I just started to do Human effort is the decisive factor.! 720 site’s home, also like many webmaster, overwhelming advertising every day. First blog to blog to promote the site, after the forum is to promote the post, and then, such as what Baidu know ah, e-mail group ah, and so on, we have done, I have to do it. However, I found that the flow of the site is not optimistic, but only a few hundred per day traffic. See this situation, I am not the way, and to each big navigation browsing, see the other navigation nets are how to do, I have what gap and they can look for to a window, which I do navigation nets have a prominent feature of this is that they do not look! Look, I suddenly found that now the navigation nets are put inside the website link there, let use navigation nets people find links, such as in the hao123, put the site navigation station is very small, if we want to find the URL is not there, then we have to site classification below to look for it, and it takes time! Every time to this point, it is very troublesome. I see this problem, they began to think, what is the way to make frequent use of the navigation network users can be more convenient and efficient use of this navigation network

finally, I thought of a way, that is to make friends very often use navigation nets, the network name and URL link to submit his most frequently used, then owners put him in the obvious position of network navigation in the home, so he visit >

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