The nternet home of the katipol home received 20 million yuan Angel round of financing day nine yu

Abstract: behind the Internet 2015 Jiezhuang market fiery all cannot do without the support of the capital level, in this industry entrepreneurs have witnessed this industry from hot to cold development trend curve, each platform business model and the platform location are not the same.


Internet platform founder Rao katipol home decoration to Yile million European Network said, completed 20 million yuan Angel round of financing, investment by Shenzhen Qianhai day nine yuan run investment funds, funds will be used for the expansion of the service system layout, personnel construction, supply chain system construction.

According to

million European network to understand, know the house was founded in 2014, belongs to Xiamen Yi Plus Network Technology Co. Ltd., headquartered in Xiamen. At present, the company team 83 people, senior management has 13 people. Founder Rao Yile million European network to said the company to Home Furnishing life service platform O2S new business model – "1+best" as the core, the development of its Internet platform Jiezhuang "katipol home", real estate solutions service module "UChome (preferably home)", as well as Jiezhuang industry third party payment platform "1+ wallet and home life management services" 1+ manager "and other four major brands, efficient integration of the Home Furnishing life complete ecological chain, to provide housing, loans, home decoration, design, product supply, logistics, Home Furnishing intelligent management and a series of comprehensive services for users Home Furnishing. Know the house business model is the integration platform, designed by the designer Jiezhuang design cooperation, building materials is provided by the cooperation of manufacturers, the follow-up construction provided by joining the decoration company. Know the house itself is enough to guide support for the integration of these resources flow.

said the reason for the capital side recognized, Yile million European Network founder Rao to disclose, and the most fragmented service Jiezhuang platform is different, we provide one-stop service complete. Users interact with the designer through the online 3D cloud design, design DIY, and finally the integration of materials and decoration costs to form a precise list of quotations. Is equivalent to help users with the designer, construction team, multi touch home improvement market, APP or WEB can be completed on the end of the decoration of a series of processes, and in the home and provide after-sales service.

for the next step after the financing arrangements and plans, founder Rao Yile said, mainly for three aspects:

first, for the expansion of the service system layout: the establishment of operating subsidiaries and offline experience Museum, and the establishment of 1+ Institute as a platform for service providers to do standardized training.

second, talent construction: to improve the company’s organizational structure and personnel system continue to build, increase the technical aspects of R & D personnel, expand the existing market department, increase the staff.

third, the construction of supply chain system in several major furniture building materials distribution to set up procurement base, and optimize the system with CRE and personnel docking.

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