HDWK BM employees to disclose trade secrets

      love is the world’s top 500 enterprises in the working atmosphere and enterprise culture, according to authoritative statistics, blue giant, once or so far, is a can let the graduates hear exciting nouns.

      open the HDWIKI, looked at nearly 100 once, now the blue giant staff, which then write their own stories, have passion, dreams, looking at the HDWIKI blue chapter, a scene like a movie emerged in front of visitors.

      overall, now Web2.0 has not had the same as just stay in the concept and theory, through a series of development, today’s HDWIKI has become self share a very simple thing, this is because of the development and progress, we can see a blue giants memories in HDWIKI.

      moving to moving, but watching it poses a problem: these articles for individuals, is the emotional communication is very normal, but for the company’s internal situation, whether involving the disclosure of trade secrets?

      yes, and now HDWIKI, like Web2.0’s site, has also led to the question: whether the content of free trade secrets!

      in fact, now many enterprises do not love employees online, especially have a strong interactive environment, can let employees distraction and information exchange, remember the beginning of a lot of business owners to take direct shielding and download website that the game, now the business owners found that they want to start a website to shield more to control the staff to chat from the beginning simply do not allow employees to play the game, and now to prevent employees to communicate information, the same industry staff cliques.

      and that the world’s top 500 enterprises, even more so, because he is strong, so there are a lot of people are concerned, because he is strong, so there are a lot of people to learn, but also because of his strong, so there are many people who want to try to find the secret, but the secret, as blue. Is an extremely valuable commercial information.

      then the convergence of the hundred blue giant Elite action, not only makes the blue giant unprepared, but also touches the outside world on the nature of the Web2.0 content concerns

      first of all, we have to make sure that these are not considered trade secrets?

      if only from a personal point of view, in a relaxed and free sharing platform to make such a line

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