Kun Peng Theory traditional companies can not recruit nternet talent 99% is your own fault

with Internet plus movement, all walks of life are trying to transition to the internet. It should be said that many of the problems encountered in the transformation of traditional enterprise Internet, but for them, the biggest problem is not how to do, but who do the problem. It means a lot to the Internet companies recruit talent, talent alone, people are unable to recruit. And some companies recruit, but can not keep. Today, Kun Peng came to discuss why we can not recruit traditional companies and can not keep the Internet talent.


many companies do not recruit Internet talent, of course, there are objective reasons, such as large corporate demand, fewer employees, personnel supply and demand tension. But the enterprise itself also has a lot of subjective reasons, these subjective reasons, it is caused by the lack of talent and talent.

1, management philosophy is too outdated

some traditional enterprises, but also with the traditional management concepts and methods to manage the Internet team, such as the way to manage the factory, the management of the workshop type of enterprise, which of course, can not retain talent.

Internet and traditional factory work is different, the work of the traditional factory is the assembly line operation, complete procedures, the fight is physical, then it is more demanding obedience and obedient.

and the Internet is not standardized, rely on the creativity, the fight is the brain, one will only tell employees, but do not create value.

so in this strongly recommended in the traditional enterprises, have to learn some of the modern enterprise management concepts and methods.

2, can not understand after 8090

Internet practitioners, almost 80 after 90, and the boss of the traditional enterprise, even after 70 young. But after 90 and 70 after the comparison of the post 60, and so on, the difference is great, this difference is not simply the generation gap of age, behind the refraction of the huge gap is the era of the.

many traditional enterprise boss said, 80 after 90 difficult than after 60, 70 after a good tube. This is because of that era, are a lot of children, and that is a matter of the age of scarcity, so want to get more care and more resources to the elders, you need to learn to take the initiative and obedience. And that era of conservative ideas, such as the concept of employment at that time is to find an iron rice bowl, secure a lifetime.


and 80, especially after 90, the basic one on a baby. When the parents have gone through that era, suffered so much pain, in the face of a baby, would like to miss all that year, double compensation to the child. So after 80, especially after 90 grew from the environment is: parents must love me, which makes them relatively self. At the same time, after 80, 90 was a variety of information from the impact, especially in the Internet age, access to information and convenient, >

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