Vip com the sale of electricity supplier chiefs together using the time difference to do what



in an article on "what is the core of’s business model? Not in business, as in the selection of guide and": " rely on consumer shopping process of the commodity selection optimization, makes a relaxed and happy shopping behavior of consumers. This is the core of’s business model, and it is through this model to achieve a large electronic business platform Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong segments, the establishment of a unique brand image."

This model business has been tested by the market, rising good financial performance and stock price is triggered on the imitation boom industry, from the end of last year, Tmall will continue to spread, where customers and Jingdong Dangdang and other electricity supplier companies ready to imitate launched the sale mode. is also obviously feel the pressure, continue to require businesses to stand "signed an exclusive sales agreement".

is turbulent, but in the short term doesn’t need to worry too much about

first, large company services, sale of resources co..

these companies have different operating pressure, and the sale is not the main business, this business can get much attention, at the beginning, how to mobilize resources is a big question. Large companies, although the platform resources, but also the corresponding business, scramble for resources between the various departments of the phenomenon is more serious, for a new model in the company have not verified it is hard to get great support.

second, excellent team of buyers to build.

is currently the biggest competitive advantage relative to other imitators is that after several years of training up the professional team of buyers and suppliers to set up the relationship. Excellent team of buyers is a key factor in the sale mode, the other is not established in the short term electricity supplier.’s annual report shows that as of December 31, 2012, and 5800 brands have a cooperative relationship with one of the 900 brands have an exclusive relationship. Universal profit pressure electricity supplier in the case of a few companies will invest heavily in the temerity to build a good team of buyers.

in the short term fundamentals should not be too much problem, but soon he will face a growing ceiling. 2012 sales of more than 6.9 U.S. dollars, compared to Tmall and Jingdong and other enterprises is still very small, so it is difficult to be listed as the focus of attention of these enterprises. If continues to continue to grow rapidly, and then some of the larger scale will probably face very intense competition, then it is the real test of For, there is still a time difference can be used, through this time difference to establish their own advantages can not be imitated, improve the threshold of competition, and even to develop competition rules.

addition, wind

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