Business model double eleven battle or kill


this year’s "double eleven", Tmall, Jingdong and other electricity providers fierce fight, can be described as the China version of "black Friday"

Sina Technology Shen Yunfang

Tmall double eleven became the last weekend everyone can not avoid the topic. Buy, order, pay, no goods, system crashes…… In each person’s micro-blog Feed page, from time to time there will be these words. Ordinary users to see is a large-scale promotion, and the electricity supplier industry businesses, observers and reporters are inevitably sigh, Alibaba marketing practices, channels and energy, too powerful.

Ma Yun said double eleven is represented by the electricity supplier of the new business model and the traditional business model of war, like the lion eat the sheep in the forest, which is the law of ecology, the game has begun." But there are voices questioned, "double eleven" man-made sales peak, may not really be able to bring the actual increment. In addition, the electricity supplier website system, online payment system, warehousing and logistics links in the super load capacity under high flow but also because of this very period of pressure has become a target for all.

eleven, what is the mode of the war, the exhausted

businesses or wishful thinking?

double eleven and offline promotion no essential difference

"double eleven" almost became the Chinese version of "black Friday"". In the United States, the second day of Thanksgiving is called "black Friday"". That day represents the beginning of the Christmas shopping, mall collective launched large-scale promotions. Promotions not only help businesses clean up inventory, but also bring huge sales and profits for the mall.

and about from the beginning of 2000, the U.S. electricity supplier will copy this experience to the Internet, began in black Friday after the first large-scale promotion on Monday. 2011, the United States online shopping on Monday, $1 billion 250 million (about 7 billion 800 million yuan), a record high.

in the country, double eleven has become an industry collective behavior and business phenomenon. This year eleven, Jingdong, mall, and one store platform in advance or at the same time to promotion, in order to win a share in this wave of rush in. Tmall double eleven in the beginning of the 12 hours, they broke the turnover of $7 billion 900 million. Online shopping Monday".

can be seen, online shopping on Monday and double eleven and offline promotion no essential difference. If the concentration of the "traditional" discount mall continues, the electricity supplier

why not?

mode of war behind the power

benefit from the huge population base, double eleven on the transaction scale beyond the online shopping Monday has always been a matter of time. However, the proportion of online retail accounts for the entire social consumer goods market, the degree of development of e-commerce in the country, there is still a distance from the United states.

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