HEA Ballots Being Mailed Out This Month

first_imgShavelson: “I think any time you look at monopolies, I think they’re tricky things, and when they’re unregulated monopolies I think you have to have very special focus on those. I generally support local control and I think we’ve got a board of HEA that’s very smart and committed and some of those folks are my good friends and I think they do a good job, but over the years, like Mike [O’Meara] said, I’ve seen the management take the organization in directions I don’t agree with and I don’t think they’re in the best interests of the ratepayers. I’ve just started to scratch the surface on some of these things, but I pulled up the audit off their webpage the other day and I was surprised to see our electrical co-op has $363 million in debt that we are all carrying here for ratepayers and then I pulled up the forms that were submitted to the IRS and I realized that our General Manager is making $500,000 a year and I mentioned that to a friend of mine and he said, ‘Gee, that’s more than the President of the United States.’ And I thought that was a lot of money. And then I just found out today, HEA’s using our money to hire a fancy public relations firm and they’re paying them roughly $30,000 to finance this vote.” HEA members are being asked to vote on the ‘Local Control’ proposal this month. Ballots are being mailed out during October and must be returned to the RCA within 30 days. Carey: “Wherever we can cut down costs, and we’ve laid of some 30-something people in the last 2 1/2 years at Homer Electric, we have reduced our costs as much as we can, so that our line extension rate does not have to be that high, our cost of power adjustment doesn’t have to be as high.” HEA Board Member Dave Carey says the utility could save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for its members if it is no longer required to report to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. HEA says the utility will still be governed by an elected Board of Directors, ensuring that members still have the final word on how the co-op conducts business. But Bob Shavelson of Cook Inletkeeper isn’t comfortable with the proposal… FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Homer Electric Association is asking members to decide this month if the utility should continue to be overseen by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska or if the electric co-op can deregulate and be governed only by its Board of Directors.last_img

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