GREE mobile phone and on the apple Dong Mingzhu marketing means big secret

GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu also recently started to freak out, said GREE mobile phone to competition apple, millet has not qualified. It can be said that Miss Dong is forced to be a senior marketing expert, in the same position among entrepreneurs to lead. Miss Dong is made up from GREE’s general sales staff, more than twenty years of sales career, she trained with marketing skills.

, as a non senior marketing person, a marketing master, how can you miss such a good, must from such a marketing hype gangster who learn nutrition, to its dregs, enhance their marketing level.

study on dongdajie for a long time, she watched almost every high-profile approach, summed up the dongdajie marketing Dan, actually can be summed up in one sentence, bait media, let the media do duty free marketing.

everyone so the idea of a scene, often hundreds of media (including the media and new media) to do a report on your company or product, then you also need to do other marketing, for most enterprises, basically do not need.

Let some of the media to report your

ah, this is a large number of enterprises are in a state of the pursuit of marketing. But some companies to spend money to buy, and some enterprises through a special way to make the media willing to do so obligations. Dong sister is obviously the latter.


, the media is what idiot, free to do marketing


well, the core of this article begins. Dong sister as a business tycoon, and the media certainly countless times to deal with, can naturally find the weakness of the media, or the operation of the media. What are some of the weaknesses of the media? The weakness of the media is the lack of valuable content and information every day.

whether it is the traditional newspaper media, or the site of the media, as well as the current micro-blog WeChat these new media, they have to publish a large number of content every day, but also the public interest in the content. However, life is dull, where to come up with so many new things (we understand why many newspapers on the web is always filled with this car accident, the news of the fight, because there is nothing to report)

well, since you’re missing something good to explode, well, I’ll give you that. Then, Miss Dong Lei and play billion bet, the media, is the best seasoning ah, not reported;

then, boasting a GREE mobile phone to sell how many million years, the media you really can sell so much, anyway, public love to see this kind of news report;


seems, and competitors because of poaching dazuizhang, was among bigwigs, many news, immediately reported, then the site had hits, the amount of reading;

so, one after another hot topics continue to throw, the media in order to submit the manuscript to the website

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