Zhang Zhouping China’s mobile e commerce usher in a blowout period

when the traditional retail tycoon who is still hesitant to push into online shopping, the network perspective has shifted to the mobile internet. Many industry experts said that mobile e-commerce business form, this is an important opportunity for electricity providers to achieve two breakthrough, enterprise with common sense, China’s e-commerce is expected to usher in a new round of development

reporter Chen Lirong

mobile e-commerce market in 2011, "Red Sea" bi. The day before, Taobao open strategy conference, Taobao wireless open platform was officially announced, before this, the electronic commerce enterprise, Jingdong, including Eslite dangdang.com mall, have launched their own mobile Internet plan, launched a mobile phone client and mobile phone website.

mobile e-commerce into two important territory

apple iPhone and iPad completely change the way mobile applications, coupled with the growing maturity of mobile payment services, mobile applications so that the electricity supplier coveted. Taobao.com days before Taobao announced the 2011 opening, will be fully opened in the depth of the seller and the buyer, the wireless business and logistics and other fields, the introduction of third party open, enterprises and service providers, to jointly promote the healthy and rapid development of e-commerce ecosystem.

can be said that the introduction of wireless Taobao open platform, both big Taobao mobile Internet new blue ocean expansion of strategic direction highlights, but also the current trend of the growing trend of mobile life. Before this, Eslite officially announced the launch of mobile phone and mobile phone client products vancl. Where the relevant responsible person said, the layout of the mobile electronic commerce is a major deployment of VANCL in 2011, aims to explore the mobile Internet market, to further expand and extend the user, the full realization of its cross platform service strategy.

in addition, the domestic B2C giants of Jingdong mall officially released in February 17th, apple iPhone mobile phone client software, in addition to the orders, inquiries and other commonly used functions, but also can realize the online and offline parity function. It is understood that the old e-commerce company Dangdang, Amazon has long been the layout of wireless e-commerce. Wang Hanhua, President of Amazon, said in 2011, e-commerce companies to fight the main mobile applications. At present, Amazon has made adequate technical reserves and pilot mobile shopping. Thus, the demand of "two breakthrough", mobile applications have become e-commerce giants in 2011 a hotly contested spot.

new era of network commerce or will open

talked about mobile e-commerce, consumers who are keen on online shopping is not unfamiliar. As early as 2008, there are a number of electricity providers opened a mobile version of the page, however, limited by the multiple factors such as the terminal, resulting in the business has become almost a decoration. The past two years, the popularity of smart phones, mobile e-commerce provides a condition for vitality, the steady development of mobile e-commerce as the original driving force.

China e-commerce research center analyst Zhang Zhouping believes that

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