The quality of fifty one huge benefits Hao Li mall flat panel TV seckill 1 fold


51 small holiday is coming, people love hard small half, is not the family in order to provide better living conditions? When chop hand to


Xiaobian tell you, Hao Li mall 51 activities begin, none other amazing! Was a thousand dollars of the N9 tablet computer, 199 yuan limit seckill explosion models straight down; limited commodity, the magnitude of the screaming; more membership benefits, 6 luxury LCD TV Limited special offer 40 percent off


N9 ninety percent off tablet seckill 199 yuan chips, no slow hand


original price of nearly 1000 yuan of the security of the end of the tablet PC – N9, is about to 5.1-5.3 every day at 10:00 am and 20:00 pm on time to grab a total of 2 games a day, a total of 6 games, a special price of $199, the time to test the character!

as in the end the iconic tablet computer products, N9 to 6000mAh a large battery to ensure excellent battery life level, with a stable version of the Android 4.4, provides life work learning facilities for business professionals, student party etc.. Bluetooth 4 and 802.11WIFI, so that the communication between users, equipment is difficult to imagine smooth.

In addition to

, Intel powerful quad core processor provides a powerful guarantee for the inner core N9, 8.9 inches 1080P colorful PLS screen, with the limit of 178 degrees wide angle and 9.8mm thin body, from two dimensions to enhance the visual effect, wonderful view, start from


199 yuan seckill, flash sale, Hao Li most understand your


TV 65S88 price explosion models straight down 200 yuan,



this event is one of the main battlefield, the explosion straight down area. Hao Li TV 65S88 the explosion models straight down 200, back to the mall Hao Li fan.

Hao Li 65S88 is a large screen LCD TV has a very high popularity, 1080P65 inch FHD hard screen, collocation A7 quad core processor and Android 4.4 smart TV operating system, to build a wonderful platform for users of windows. Gorgeous LEE-U image engine, will be synchronized with the color and brightness, always in a state of natural color; U shaped base, showing the beauty of industrial design.

It is reported that

, Hao Li 65S88 straight down 200 yuan discount during the event is not limited unlimited supply, do not worry about not grab the


51 high quality life festival, Hao Li together with you to enhance the quality of life; special offer goods 1 fold, explosion models straight down 200 yuan, constantly surprises, Carnival began, in the labor day, pamper family! Chop hand began to


quality of life, from the beginning of Hao Li; Li Hao, understand you! More preferential information please pay attention to Hao Li.

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