ndia double eleven will be the curtain pattern of electricity providers facing reshuffle

Abstract: Diwali is once a year of India traditional festival, the Spring Festival is equivalent to China + double 11.



every year from October to November at the India Festival, its position is equivalent to the China spring festival. The electronic business platform, Diwali is Chinese "double eleven", a variety of promotional discounts, simply can not stop. Diwali this year is very significance for India electricity supplier, will bring the industry reshuffle.

the last quarter of each year, are a critical period for India merchants honor and disgrace. This year the business platform is very key, this will change the industry competition pattern of the future to a certain extent, and determine the status of the major electricity supplier in India market. Therefore, the top three electronic business platform in this year’s competition is particularly intense.

on Flipkart and Amazon, this is a fight for leadership and market share battle; and for Snapdeal, this is an important opportunity for security companies to avoid other competitors forced mergers and acquisitions. "This year’s sales season will probably be the electricity supplier in India so far one of the most important battle field of vital importance." Singer, chairman of TechnopakAdvisors retail consulting firm (Arvind Singhal) said. "Obviously, this year’s holiday season will determine who is the market leader, who is the follower." He added.

local electricity supplier platform

said of an aged person

currently, the overall sales of electricity supplier industry in India is declining. According to market research firm RedSeer Consulting data, in the first three months of this year, India electricity supplier sales fell by 19%, followed by the second quarter fell by 5-10%. For Flipkart and Snapdeal, 2016 was a tough year. As the largest supplier of electricity supplier in India, the valuation of Flipkart this year was down several times, although the recent increase, but still only $12 billion valuation, well below last year’s $15 billion 200 million.

and Snapdeal due to funding problems are now in a slump, the company has closed its high-end retail platform Exclusively.com, and from the acquisition of the company in the past 18 months. In addition, Snapdeal is also in talks with several investors, including Foxconn, including the sale of its mobile payment platform FreeCharge shares.


last month, India media reported that Snapdeal has begun to discuss the possibility of a merger with Flipkart and amazon. But Snapdeal later denied the news. Media said, Snapdeal in July this year, the total sales of only 6 billion rupees, this figure is more than in 2015

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