Taobao C2C shop suspected black Taobao has a sense of view

yesterday noon, when to eat, my friend told me very anxious, said a group of Taobao There were many discussions. The seller, the largest Taobao C2C shop, most of the goods get off the shelves. I did not pay much attention, and later after dinner, but also to understand Taobao, Taobao’s largest C2C shop lemon green tea, almost all the shelves of goods. I quickly in the group to understand the information, some netizens said that large quantities of black, in some kind of behavior, the goal is not a shop.

I was

according to users’ information, to view that Taobao store, the order in a short more than and 10 minutes, even to people to take over billions of dollars, almost all goods to buy a space, it directly leads to the store no goods can be sold directly on the shelf. The buyer can not pay, then this is not a store in this period of sales performance. The largest C2C shop has been shipped to do, the need for operating costs, the final result is a loss.

fall, this event, the suspect is black, and is in large quantities, gives people the biggest doubt is competitors malicious behavior, or organized action. According to some of the information users, this event is not only for a store, nor is it just a means to encounter such malicious behavior, there are other shops.

after the event, Taobao also took action, at 2 in the afternoon, it released a letter to the seller’s station, some of which are as follows:

"please be vigilant and actively report malicious bad behavior — there are very few molecules by group and individual credit speculation" ill-gotten gains, inventory credit speculation and worry because "no business", normal transactions take extreme, bad ways to disrupt Taobao gatekeeper sellers method. For example, the "Amoy toxic elements" by hundreds of "vest account", malicious bid for all goods part of the seller; for example, "Amoy toxic elements" click continue well-known in a short period of time the seller service want, let the seller’s customer service is not working properly.

for these acts, Taobao has taken a rapid approach to deal with, including the closure of the trumpet associated with the size of the user to compensate for the user through the malicious click consumption. Please rest assured, crack down on speculation credit at the same time, will also protect the interests of everyone, "Amoy fast toxic elements" to justice, avoid a toxic part of Amoy membership interests harm trouble."

from Taobao that is indeed a malicious behavior, and that the use of hundreds of vest. So, what is the reason that led to the incident at noon yesterday? I, according to my personal understanding of the information, made some analysis, but also need to verify the authenticity.

first, Taobao in June 24 to July 21 in the morning, and 9777 home credit speculation shops, on the morning of July 21st, the seller group, immediately belching, cry cry, someone from a crisis, the reason is very simple, which to investigate >

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