Female consumer related goods collecting speed and e commerce growth rate

editor’s note: beauty, clothing, jewelry, baby products, nutrition and health care products, the streets are filled with women from each big website to collect the goods. For each commodity rate and female consumer e-commerce growth rate can not be said, there is no association.

station in the streets in all directions, to and fro groups of women have some common features: wearing a certain brand of clothing, neck or wrist with a certain brand of jewelry, slung over one shoulder bag; female beauty nail and face after careful modification; several mother baby strollers, in the discussion the price and quality of the milk; methods a better maintenance of women talk about maintenance in the coffee shop. All these phenomena are, radiation to the female consumer market: beauty, clothing, jewelry, baby products, nutrition and health care products, the streets are filled with women from each big website to collect the goods.

Ocean Terminal "black five" the female consumer active

double eleven big promotion after users and usher in the "black Friday" war, many business platform have been sharpening, and indulge in the Chinese online shopping consumer groups, but still maintained a strong fighting force. According to the Ocean Terminal 24 hours trading data showed that the average customer price on the first day of the five black ocean terminal consumers to buy 507 yuan, at least 2 per person, per capita daily consumption over 1000 yuan; and the top selling products for luxury bags, shoes and beauty, jewelry, followed by health care products. Foreign wharf data intuitive expression: the female consumer groups are still the main buyers. Visible, Chinese women’s market demand potential beyond imagination. Amazon vice president Niu Yinghua China for "double eleven" followed after "black Friday" promotional consumption problems may be caused by fatigue, gives a different answer, he thinks, "black five" sea Amoy family and double 11 consumer groups is not completely overlap, consumers are more aware than businesses when to panic buying.


business platform

female hand chop party.

said women, have to mention jumei.com, this is a limited sale of cosmetics website. Let’s take a look at the development process of this website, we know that Chinese women consumers to contribute to its listing. Jumei.com from the U.S. group body development has been more than 5 years. From the relevant data show that it was established in March 2010, only 7 months sales exceeded $10 million. Set up the first year performance exceeded 500 million, after 3 years of hard work, the transaction volume exceeded. In the presence of considerable data, jumei.com listed in New York. In 2015 the cross-border electricity supplier, the domestic electricity supplier website have docking foreign markets, jumei.com overseas purchase website should also reached the potential, the main push of cross-border maternal business. Go back to the head, its website in cross-border business before, is a limited sale of cosmetics website development so far, its website is mainly divided into mother, beauty, international light luxury, sports, shoes, bags and accessories such as abdominal section, is to include all the female market products.

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