Tianjin Baidu developer Venture Center completed detonated O2O boom

July 15th, Tianjin Baidu developer Venture Center was formally established, which is Baidu, following Chengdu, Xiamen and another regional developer entrepreneurship center. According to reports, the Tianjin Baidu Developer Center is located in Tianjin City District Po entrepreneurial center, with more than 3000 square meters of office space, you can accommodate more than 20 entrepreneurial team office. It was established for the promotion of the rise and growth of the mobile Internet in the region, or in the construction of Baidu’s mobile environment, is a great benchmark significance.

in Tianjin Baidu developer innovation center located in Tianjin Hongqiao District, the signing ceremony, Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan said: "Baidu will provide multiple levels of service and support for the Center settled entrepreneurial team, really help developers solve ecological problems entrepreneurs. At the same time, Baidu light application has the natural ecological advantages and the service connection, will accelerate the transformation of traditional local enterprises in Tianjin to mobile Internet services, for local consumers to enjoy better quality of mobile service life."

, deputy secretary of Tianjin city Hongqiao district mayor Cai Yunpeng at the signing ceremony, said: "Baidu developer innovation center in our district, glorious road science and Technology Industrial Park can treasure building, will accelerate the cultivation of innovative entrepreneurial team, gathered a large number of IT industry and downstream enterprises to form the product aggregation effect, and stimulate regional economic development vitality. Hongqiao district government and the building will be able to provide the most powerful support policies and the best quality of the carrier and services to support the development and expansion of Baidu Developer Center in Hongqiao district."

full support for Eco developers to expand the local mobile service life in Tianjin

it is understood that Baidu developer innovation center in Tianjin invested billions of dollars of funds online resources. As with Chengdu, Xiamen developers entrepreneurship center, Tianjin Baidu developer innovation center, eco developers can enjoy the full dimensions of service free office space, hydropower network, Baidu cloud platform resources, Baidu technical guidance and audit, financial, legal and other aspects.

in addition, due to the geographical advantage of Tianjin and Beijing, only half an hour’s drive, eco developers can get a unique technical support Baidu headquarters in Beijing, such as Baidu technical staff will be one-on-one mentoring service for entrepreneurial team.

at present, there are a number of mobile entrepreneurial team and Tianjin Baidu Developer Center reached a settled intention. A governor is one of the developers will be settled in Tianjin Baidu developer innovation center, he and his team developed a light application of a product called super, through this light application, the user can access a nearby supermarket promotions, supermarkets and shopping malls to receive coupons, but also can complete the online shopping and payment to. Zhang Du said: "settled in Tianjin Baidu developer innovation center, not only eliminates office space, property and other expenses, our team operational costs to a minimum, more important is that Baidu can free exchange of products and our technology, such technology each guide is an entrepreneurial team to get the."

Baidu cloud chief architect Hou Zhenyu

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