Cross border multi channel operation Stand alone into a new trend

in the transformation and upgrading of the traditional foreign trade model for cross-border electricity supplier model, when the independent foreign trade station came into being, many foreign trade companies to join the construction of foreign trade website.

Lin Sheng is one of them, in the operation of electronic products business for third years, Lin birth before the first exposure to foreign websites this promotion, before this, he is with the help of the exhibitions and settled in foreign trade platform to promote business, such as Alibaba, Amason, eBay and so on, which is similar to the operation mode of the platform by providing a place for buyers and sellers to trade. Now, with the development of cross-border electricity supplier, especially in the increasingly competitive today, in order to minimize the risk of forest health, benefit maximization, begin to multi-channel mode of operation, considering the construction and operation of foreign trade website to get more orders.


Lin Sheng said that for foreign trade enterprises, the construction of the largest trade website has two goals: the first is to build the brand, the second is to have a marketing channel, the third is an independent station drainage to the platform shop to improve weight etc.. If companies want to have a greater development, we must create their own brands, improve product visibility in the world, so as to obtain greater benefits. A mature foreign trade enterprises will have their own official website to promote their products, corporate culture and brand culture.

in the choice of foreign trade website construction technology support, forest health is more attention, he check a lot of information on the Internet, found that the construction of independent foreign trade station company is indeed a lot, prices are high and low, want to find a high quality in thousands of information are still really not easy. He has compared Zencart, Ueeshop and Magenta. These are relatively well-known website system, of which there are 2 foreign open source system, and Ueeshop is the development of the United States and the United States multi language web site system.


on the open source system, the program is open, as long as the technology can do a little too much to do the two development, so the vulnerability of the bug is relatively easy to be excavated, the site was’ Black ‘becomes easy. Moreover, take Magenta, his background is designed in accordance with the habits of foreigners, more complex, more difficult to operate. In contrast, Ueeshop foreign trade station system is designed according to the habits of the people, the operation is more flexible and user-friendly, the user experience is very good shopping process. Parable: pre-sale online communication, support freight first estimate, support multi dimension display products, support more than 60 kinds of payment support, sea, air logistics integration, support social platform sharing, support user data analysis. From simple to complicated, at a glance, to create a closed loop of the shopping process, the integration of smooth shopping experience.

do not have to guess, Lin Sheng is certainly the experience of choice Ueeshop, he and I said, do business is to let the customer >

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