Talk about WeChat marketing have what is not the same understanding

WeChat, but also a new interactive tools for mutual understanding between friends, thus forming a familiar circle. WeChat can be said to combine the advantages of QQ and micro-blog, in a more convenient way for real-time interactive communication, but also to allow more diverse information dissemination within the circle of friends. On the one hand, it meets the real-time communication of the masses, whether it is text, voice, pictures or video, on the other hand it also meets the needs of the masses for the rich, fast food information needs. So, WeChat at an amazing rate of occupation of the public’s work and life, and therefore has a keen eye for marketing friends for the first time on the marketing point of view is not surprising.

but blindly catching the hot spot doesn’t mean we can make better use of the hot spots. WeChat is good, with a high quality marketing environment, but WeChat can bring the desired effect, no one can guarantee that. We have not done WeChat, simply send information in the circle of friends, in fact, the conversion rate is very low. So for any one who wants to open the entrance to the marketing of friends from WeChat, the focus is very important to grasp.

so when WeChat marketing need to seize what kind of focus? First, in my opinion, no matter what kind of marketing, in the final analysis is the marketing. No matter what form you want to attract the public, the most important way is to seize the hearts of the people. A lot of friends WeChat marketing is that the information on the above, and the information itself is completely lacking in mind. So, you imagine, if you are a customer, you will be impressed by your own information? So, how can we move? Well, you need to proceed from the following aspects:

first of all, of course, is the content of the vivid itself, whether it is a rich text, or attractive pictures, you must enrich the content, it is better to be your favorite. At this point, you need to follow up on the needs of the public in a timely manner, and then further enrich. However, in this process, the need to pay attention to the content of the real. Don’t kick up a cloud of dust, exaggeration, this will only make you lose the trust for public information; second, the content needs a good form of packaging, so good form is also very necessary, such as adding some humorous elements, such as shooting micro film form is not the same; third, the interaction is also very emotional necessary. Why do you say that because WeChat is one of the advantages of strong interaction, emotional interaction can make WeChat marketing itself greatly plus. Sincerely treat each and every one of you, take out your sincerity and communicate with them, so as to enhance mutual trust.

at the same time, WeChat marketing needs to continue to expand the number of fans, this is a necessary course for each marketing. There are a variety of ways to increase the number of fans, but the most important thing is to proceed from their own actual situation, from the public acceptable way. A lot of love with the WeChat marketing sweep surprise, but this one has a >

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