Meng Zhi learn how to promote your competitors

yesterday in a forum to push around the old river, there is a Taobao shop post asked how to analyze Taobao’s rival promotion way? I didn’t open the Taobao store, can have many friends around senior owner is Taobao store. Here I have some personal understanding to the method of.

shopping malls such as the battlefield, in order to understand baizhanbudai

first, we can analyze the opponent from the perspective of search engine. Some people may say, Taobao’s products have been Baidu screen, we all know this, I say here, from search engine angle can see competitors to do the optimization and promotion of what kind of search engine, people want to buy something (especially network) or simply know net store address, such as Taobao go directly to the Taobao search page, you can get what you want, there is a web search, but from my personal experience, if you have to buy intention then generally buy directly rather than search, if still in search, that is not ready to buy or buy in which it is. A large group of customers. So the search engine promotion is also a lot of excellent Taobao businesses will never let go of the channel. We enter your key competitors from the search engines, can find out many of his promotion methods, for example is not by Taobao customers, there is no advertising, what discount promotional stuff, these need you carefully to find out.

second, go to other shops to see a business, if no business mind, afraid of two hands lazy, no business mind here is not to say, but the lazy hands must be overcome, the feet can be lazy, the hands of the mouse can not be lazy, to other shops can see some promotion methods the other is the most direct, can understand each other’s store decoration is exquisite, whether there are some shops advertising attractive, rhetoric and so on, which is also a promotion. Of course, we must pay attention to the classification of other commodities, as well as the release form, how many minutes released once and why do so, Taobao as a businessman must by heart. The most profitable businessman, but also the most difficult role, good psychological preparation oh.

This is the last

was despised by the people but there is a lot of businesses do, also is not limited to the network market, disguised as other customers, then want QQ or traded with each other to chat, because it is your competition, you must have the industry rules and is very clear, so that when you told him to chat, you can use some clever ways to set out some other promotion methods. Some Taobao MM shop sales may be just entering the market, you add a little emotional tone in the chat she may put everything in their ways, including the purchase channels, this time I think you will be happy happy. If you want to be a gentleman, not recommended; if you treat yourself as a businessman, strongly recommend

there are a lot of Taobao to pay attention, remember, if you want to open your Taobao store, we must start from now on to explore the quality of customers

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