Double eleven soon Ali’s seven weapons

double eleven approaching, the general joy rush. Tmall is not a person in combat. Ali fifteen years, the construction of a wealth of industrial ecology, collectively referred to as ali. An arrow through the clouds to meet thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers. Today we have to check the Ali Department governors, how will help


can either overlord of the princes, micro-blog, UC, Alipay, Youku, rookie, sharing of information flow, capital flow, logistics task, especially to join the new micro-blog, Youku, UC, corresponding to the social flow, and mobile video traffic flow. The Ali acquisition of the investment results, double eleven is a big test.

Cologne heroes "seven weapons" series is six, Ali princes according to style and temperament, can be compared with the one.

: not a problem depends on the immortal sword pay Alipay to brush the record

is the first weapon immortal sword Cologne wrote heroes, wrote: "at the end of the first weapon, not a sword, but a smile." Alipay capital flow constantly, often make people smile, than the immortal sword.

has so many years of double eleven, Alipay is the most skilled Ali products. Basically not what mistake, the only concern is that this year eleven Alipay brush record capability, 35 billion last year, this year could reach 60 billion


thumb count in the 60 billion calculation, it is the capital of 2 billion 500 million per hour flow rate is about 3300 per second single settlement rate, the pressure is not really small. However, last year’s double eleven 367 seconds before, Alipay turnover exceeded 1 billion, is about 13 thousand per second, 2 million 700 thousand water clearing ability, that is to say Alipay has reached this level in the trading peak last year, the response to the 3300 single second or more than sufficient.

also, in addition to Alipay brush onlookers records, concern and relying on the bearing capacity of the balance of treasure on the Alipay of capital redemption, and came into being in the double eleven before Tmall Bao can get user acceptance.

Alipay, Ali should be the most assured logistics.

peacock: Ali bought the mobile UC reinforcements finally shot

peacock is long-range missile weapon, in order to get UC as Ali’s mobile Internet front, than the peacock.

after the full integration of Ali, Ali Ali UC mobile business group, took the supplement Ali mobile terminal short board, enhance the strategic task of mobile coverage capabilities. This year eleven, UC begin to play, but also play an important role in the mobile terminal, mobile phone Tmall Taobao for added support.

With the

mobile market share rising fast, UC for the establishment of Ali mobile electricity supplier industry barriers have a responsibility to the strategic level, PC terminal electricity market has been stable compared to the mobile market there are still some uncertainty, so UC’s electricity supplier responsibility "

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