Taobao and Vanke jointly push online shopping bill deductible limit the maximum reach 2 million yuan

Taobao consumption deductible purchase

[TechWeb] reported on August 25th, Taobao and Vanke announced that it will be held in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing and other 12 cities online shopping bill deductible activities. Users throughout the year by the amount of consumption in Taobao, Vanke 23 cities in the country’s direct impact on the development of the 12 projects, the maximum deductible of $2 million.

it is reported that the cost of the purchase will allow Taobao users to save up to 10%, less than half the line on the page, there are already more than 140 users enjoy a discount of $1 million.

by understanding that, consumers only need to login Taobao property pages or scan code in real estate site, will be Taobao’s total consumption view between August 1, 2013 –2014 year in July 31st, and online to receive a maximum of $2 million to purchase the same amount of money, 23 projects in Vanke’s 12 city where the highest 2 million of the 1629 relief. It is worth noting that, for the full year in Taobao consumer dissatisfaction with 50 thousand yuan of users, Taobao will also direct payment of $50 thousand subsidy.

in addition, all of these purchases of Taobao users can be superimposed on the basis of the use of public preferential Vanke purchase. This event include Hangzhou, Beijing, the most popular real estate in Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen and other places as well as popular apartment layout, real estate price span ranging from 400 thousand – 50 million, apartment layout has 30 square meters of a single apartment, there are 300 square meters of luxury.

according to reports, the current Taobao real estate has opened up the balance of treasure and other aspects of pre authorization, when Taobao users online showings, also directly through the balance of treasure to raise a few houses, and the balance of treasure while enjoying preferential income and multiple envelopes. (Kevin)

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