Local and industry Web site Summit small and medium sites battle game to upgrade

3Q war has just come to an end, these days on the Internet looking for what is news, phpwind held the second session of China and local industry website summit will be held in early December. And many Alibaba including Ma, senior will attend the summit last October, held the first place in the site as the theme of the conference this year, by contrast, the size and grade of a higher than last year, it is not difficult to see the degree of attention to small and medium-sized Alibaba website. Obviously, Phpwind has become the vanguard of the Alibaba for small and medium-sized site strategy.

is a Alibaba bought phpwind in 2008, then has been increasing and phpwind integration efforts, such as phpwind, Alipay, Ali mother met with ALI cloud integration. At present, the integration has achieved initial success. At the same time, the Alibaba and the acquisition of the network. After the acquisition of a series of Alibaba from the introduction of a series of phpwind strategy, Alibaba has successfully integrated into the small and medium site services into their e-commerce camp. Phpwind has become an important part of the big Taobao program, it should be noted that the integration of phpwind and Taobao, Alibaba and phpwind is just the beginning of integration.

in July this year, Taobao and phpwind jointly developed a new project called "Amoy satisfaction", this is an e-commerce promotion plan in the community, the upcoming seamless community website and e-commerce. In September, "Amoy satisfied" with 19 buildings, such as Tianya, dragon lane, music, love net such well-known local or industry community website launched a "Ten City film", the day produced 160 thousand orders.

it is the largest community of women love network founder Wang Hongda said: love in the community, a lot of love to share their online shopping experience female friends released Taobao stores and commercial links, but did not expect from these links can bring additional revenue so great. The result is that: "in the website of any investment under the condition of not increasing, Amoy satisfaction are expected to increase 200 thousand yuan monthly net income for love." As with love net monthly can "Amoy satisfaction" community website has a lot of profit. For community sites, if you can not achieve profitability, you can not talk about the future.

due to Taobao and community sites are divided into agreement, through the Amoy satisfaction of this project, the community website profitable. Alibaba’s social networking site e-commerce strategy has matured.

now it seems that the acquisition of Alibaba phpwind is really a trick a good game, with a profit firmly tethered to the community owners. All along, the survival of the community website is not optimistic. DCCI survey data show that the domestic small and medium sites, the annual revenue of 2/3 yuan or less accounted for the total number of years, and the annual income of less than 1000 yuan or even the vast majority of the income, the survival of severe state. The community site into the Taobao camp, the community website has a network of advertising

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