Nora allegedly distributing pornographic information checked ndoorsman artifact fallen

Wu Sidan

just a week, "from" the Shenzhen Nora technology companies (hereinafter referred to as NORA) did not escape punishment.

yesterday, many police entered the Shenzhen science and Technology Park of Nanshan District Nora company, for questioning and interrogation of the Department staff, as of press time ago, the police did not leave.

said the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau yesterday on the "First Financial Daily reporters a written reply, according to reports, Nora allegedly distributing pornographic information, the public security authorities are to carry out the campaign to combat Internet pornographic information, punish dissemination of pornographic information production enterprises and personnel, the law enforcement department, namely punished.

police, who is not willing to disclose the name of the staff at the scene told reporters that the current Nora is still in the stage of investigation and evidence collection, temporarily inconvenient to disclose more details.

reporter repeatedly call Nora CEO Wang Xin, no one answered, then turned off. Our official Sina micro-blog issued a statement yesterday, 14:45 said: "there is news that Nora online company was surrounded by police, some were taken regarding pure rumor. Indeed, the police came to Nora to understand some of the situation, the company is operating normally."

checked obscenity

at noon yesterday, micro-blog broke the news that there are police at 11 in the morning to enter Nora, requiring all employees are not allowed to touch the phone and computer, and the company’s computer archive.

another suspected Nora internal mail display, Wang Xin responded, said: employees, do not worry, there is no problem with the company, lawyers are coming on the road. We are all involved in the event."

Nora senior marketing manager Huang Yong said in an interview, some time ago, Nora great influence in the online transition, the police just to understand the situation, "because we have what outsiders, some employees may have not seen so panic."

, however, the fact may not be as Nora declared.

"First Financial Daily" the reporter yesterday arrived at 16:00 is located in Shenzhen Nanshan District Science Park Nora headquarters found two bus car, two midsize police headquarters near Nora, Nora door also has a number of police.

according to Nora relevant staff said that at present the police just look at the situation to the company, and did not pass outside the seizure or other actions, while sitting in front of the police inquiry was also part of the broadcast network monitoring staff.

, the reporter saw in the Nora office, some employees have stopped working, around 4:00 in the afternoon, there are still some police entered Nora conference room for questioning inventory; the implementation of "not only" principle of the office of the broadcast employees, they can leave the office.

Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau yesterday on the first financial daily written response said, according to the report, Shenzhen Nora section

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