Domain name Sina micro blog YY short Rhapsody should take w cn


micro-blog three domain independent enabled micro-blog dual domain coexistence strategy, the Sina micro-blog micro-blog in the domestic industry leader position, at the same time, the use of sina micro-blog under the name of the domain name in Sina micro-blog also makes a praise sound good, recently, in the of the micro-blog pictures, has been hit the of the watermark, and also can not add watermark, move again sparked concern and Discussion on Sina micro-blog domain users, and deep causes on Sina micro-blog should take short domain name "topic.


figure: Sina micro-blog should get

used for Sina micro-blog domain view was again at the moment again, the most exciting thing for short access service, replacing micro-blog after the domain name Sina micro-blog, for short access service advantages more than abbreviated, more netizens think that since Sina micro-blog domain can achieve dual storage situation, why not short domain name

can double the deposit? and used for shortening service and, to realize the coexistence of short access services, micro-blog can coexist call the same micro-blog library, different from the foreign twitter micro-blog, with a short domain name to shorten URLs, micro-blog in the domestic industry with a micro-blog with two names a shortened URL is clearly not necessary, and, in May 26th, Sina micro-blog has to jump, apparently to merge, then, whether can replace instead of



figure: Microsoft post office service page is really better than The short domain but 36, Sina has a need for the domain name, if we win, Sina micro-blog will be the first domestic terminal has two shortest CN domain, become the most domineering most in domain name with vague Internet company, but as Microsoft post office service domain name, sina will take it down is not easy, so Sina, micro-blog in the end or not, can easily get


Sina scored four reasons for

first, Sina micro-blog replaced from the simple "t", if you want to enter short and easy to remember domain name, W is in no way inferior to t letters, second, micro-blog is the first letter of the alphabet, can be compatible with, therefore, use the domain name Sina micro-blog micro-blog Sina micro-blog to rally. So in short domain strategy, will make more necessary w equal to weibo.c>

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