The surging news stand to earn money is always a myth

text / Wang Chao

ultra Harbinger in last week’s column was published, caused great repercussions, there are Oriental Morning Post and the surging news colleagues said that the debate is a good thing, not all in one story description of the product vitality. Ultra harbinger of the surging news Tongren bearing admire these arguments on surging news in the future is good.  

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in my opinion, surging news media to open the first investment and human resources to do an Internet new media products with no predecessors, itself is very courage and bold performance. Internet products, pay attention to is to do the first change, small run. Do not do is 1, is 0, there are a lot of media on the Internet in the sea around a few years, arguing that the Internet is still of no avail, shallow water depth, tried to know.

a friend told me, surging news is to try Shanghai inspired senior media, and not purely commercial projects, the government has to pay, so there is no profit pressure. If so, that is my life is the heart of the sea, for the rich two generations considered the problem of existence, being laugh; but if there is a profit surging demand, there is pressure to survive, then according to the current surging test is probably futile.

surging news focus on the political and ideological field, but also to seize the most active Internet population. Serious political news is not the most popular news? Well-known commentator Wei Wu Hui teachers believe that politics is always hot, even the taxi drivers are a good capital of this, how is the political elite fan? What is it like: two (force) and trickery, why not focus.

no matter capital taxi drivers or Shanghai taxi drivers, because the occupation of the world because the taxi drivers are half a politician, so they are not representative. China and 90 were most of the Internet users, will think politics is a very hot point


asked a 90, is more concerned about the small age and never ever meet again or more concerned, corrupt officials sacked? Has the most extensive audience based news, in fact already have the conclusion, is nothing more than entertainment, sports and abnormal social news and emergencies, to look at the gateway news top ten hits you know. If the political news does not involve the stars (such as Rui Chenggang Jocie Guo) and lace porn (all kinds of adultery, mistress events) hits a.

another point, the same political news, different things with different modes of operation, can produce the effect is completely different, with the surging thoughts and the speculative of known political news, 90 read may feel full of difficult and unpronounceable words.

if the two days of overwhelming tiger eat noodles hunting Zhou Yongkang, many apolitical 90 are just a lot of things a little more attention. Zhou Yongkang in Baidu search

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