By Sanyan Erpai self discipline the blog

      the legendary "blog service self-discipline", according to the report, was finally on stage,, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, more than and 10 blog service providers jointly signed the convention. In addition to the common Mandarin, cliches, the core point of this Convention, is also the most media attention, is eleventh encourage blog service providers to implement real name registration of blog users, registration information should include the user real name, address, telephone number, email etc.."

      honestly, I don’t know how to get these BSP to collect the user’s real name and address Would you like to add another channel for personal privacy? Or in order to meet the needs of today or take revenge? The so-called self discipline, as I understand it, should be bound by the oath of service providers, and asked the public to supervise. But the user registration information should include what seems to be independent, self-discipline, it is obviously revealed attempts to "law" netizens, quite profound meaning.

      last year a man-made blog real name system fan campaign, said blog language violence has become a public nuisance, and cited Han Han as an example. But this is too weak, unless they think Han Han is a fake name. In order to further seek international assistance, they also South Korea’s real name as "international practice" readily aligned. However, it is reported that South Korea’s real name system did not achieve the desired results.

      I think those people’s bones, the harmonious society is probably by their "law", because they are, we are the people, we should have been their authority, relax, we will become a "network mob". The problem is that the social violence really like murder emerge in an endless stream, they don’t feel what a dangerous, verbal violence, hurt their fragile heart, only the "law" of the blog just peace of mind, really like a lotus breeze tender shame.

      fortunately, this is only a "self-discipline" Convention, there are BSP willing to law, so that they have a good law, where you do not leave, with their own place to stay. Moreover, in the past "China Internet industry self-discipline convention", "Chinese Internet Copyright Convention", "Internet address registration services industry self-discipline convention", "Beijing network media self-discipline convention" and "Beijing city wireless mobile value-added services (SP) industry self-discipline convention" and so on all sorts of strange things, beyond count "self-discipline convention", like the countless bitch arch, by rain and wind out, but a little joke, basically no one really use it as a plaything. If they can really be self disciplined, will there be such a "self discipline"?

      the official, to open the meeting, issued the award to make a public discipline "

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