Uncover the mystery of the end of the eight years of community growth

      location: Guangzhou NASDAQ bar

      Xing Ming small file:

      Xing Ming, in 1991 graduated from the Chinese Department of Zhongshan University, in 1999 to invest in the establishment of Tianya community, Hainan online and Hainan tourism network.

      has recently been in the research community, has been to: this in the end is a kind of community, can fry red Yan and a number of network Reds; it is what a team, Tianya home page and navigation system has not changed much in eight years, and hundreds of pages cannot access. Sometimes it is really annoying to visit the page, but there are still a large number of Internet users in the world.

      perhaps we can find the answer from the conversation of Xing Ming, the author gives Xing Ming’s conclusion is: typical idealist. Xing Ming temperament to some extent reflected in the Tianya community.

      idealist: scholarly Xing Ming

      the first time I saw Xing Xing, shook hands to see him smile, feel this is a very kind and amiable person.

      he was in the interview process, an opening is Google, Myspace, Facebook, secondlife, how, the conversation between passion, and the high hopes for the Tianya community.

      the community is more like a test of Tian Xing Ming "big community" ideal, to Hainan and Hainan tourism online net income to support the community, while the actual career community awareness is far more than the first two, if money is determined, the income will be much higher than the former two. Xing Ming said it did not want to clear the community’s profit model, not easily commercialized.

      in fact, 2003 has a reputation in the community, mature messaging model has not let Tianya jealous, visible on the horizon of Xing Ming into idealism.

      a friend said well, Xing Ming’s temperament is just like the skyline. However, the author is curious, in the end is the impact of the Xing Xing Ming, Xing Xing or the impact of the horizon?

      in the subsequent conversation, Xing Ming said that he was young in the early 80s, it was an idealistic era, to learn Nietzsche’s will power, to learn the existence of sade. Remember the student’s slogan is, "Four Haves", including ideal.

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