Do more garbage is better

said the website operation, comes to a series of problems of website information website website promotion experience SEO optimization webmaster tools free resources to make money in the investment domain information alliance, today I will talk about Sakura website with everyone, my topic is the site to do more garbage better, I can only tell you that your site don’t waste, garbage will be bigger, these two words a little spare, let me answer it for you why the website to do more garbage


I have been a few stations, begin to want to do a good station, but an abandoned one, Internet navigation, psychological test, game forums are done, until now the webmaster nets, but each lasted only a few weeks, growing no passion, why? Because the site did not the ultimate IP, missing retained in the hundreds, and the site is similar to copy other sites, please do what meaning, rather than turn off, remove the domain name.

go home and watch TV.

a. The persistence of the website


website for what? Some people to make money, some people in order to increase IP pleasure, and do stand there are two kinds of extreme, 1 normal station, 2 station. What is the formal station referring to? Of course is Baidu, Google, YAHOO, these big companies and what is the reason that he is not a normal station garbage station?? the XX station, station and so on, just one month to make the alliance cost, there are other intentions? Who have the ability to put a XX station into the regular company? You may say that in foreign countries, but foreign is foreign, China is a traditional and Chinese. In developing countries, you can make a large open and aboveboard XX stand out? Do you think he can do? So if you want to do regular station to have lasting, others don’t have things, otherwise either do or don’t do garbage station,.


two. The development of the website


website is divided into many attractions, such as webmaster nets attract station, XX station MM station to attract lady-killer, attract women, that I want to ask you what you attract passenger station? Sports station to engage in sports, play station make game! Don’t play station make a classification of sports, a sports station classification the game, because your customer is that a fixed group of people, I can only say that people don’t read novels to run sports novels


three. Website promotion

Why do the website of

" waste " the better, why I refuse to quote? Because the garbage refers to an extreme, do before you prepare what you want to do what kind of station? Some stations are completely rely on viral marketing model, then I ask you virus, MLM webmaster will pay attention to how to expand the scope of the virus, or the content of the website? Both shall be taken into account, he will choose the virus because of a virus standing back off rate is not high, so he can only take advantage of this opportunity, I just move on, the virus marketing cases. So please all worry about his.

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