Easy to innovate XtoX universal station system to receive awards from all walks of life

after two years of planning, improvement and development, local enterprises in Chengdu to create a XtoX master station system "software, with the appearance in the Western Internet Summit, has received widespread attention and praise from all walks of life, more ushered in numerous honors and cooperation.


in the Western Internet Summit on the Sichuan E-Commerce Association Secretary General Xu made a wonderful speech


Secretary General Xu is easy to think of CEO as electronic commerce association award.


is easy to CEO Internet society award.



Chengdu occupation technical school for easy to award: Specifies the practice unit.


prize.the leadership easy to award: Specifies the practice unit.


IDC top ten Western Digital, well-known website and website owner China network site and easy to sign XtoX products in-depth cooperation agreement.


cool the Chongqing general manager, Jun lawyer signed XtoX universal station.

XtoX was born, why so popular, let us into the XtoX, to understand his features.

XtoX is the fourth generation of intelligent system, website construction has experienced four stages, the first generation of products is the traditional manual station built static website, the second generation is the traditional building dynamic website, the third generation is intelligent can modify the code of the website, the fourth generation is towed visual universal station. As the fourth generation of intelligent station XtoX universal station has the following features:

1, the visual drag web design the layout of the site; if the product is not very satisfactory, only need to adjust the content with the mouse, suitable to the proper position, so the technology even know nothing, as long as you use the mouse to be able to design beautiful belong to your own website.

2, according to industry segment, a fine template for your choice; XtoX will be subdivided into hundreds of industry classification, then according to the nature of each industry is different from the web interface and functional design for the industry, such as the hotel industry, we will according to the industry characteristics, reference hotel industry is doing best website. Carefully designed dozens of sets of style, so that customers in different industries will be able to find a suitable product website template.

3, not only can build enterprise website, and can

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