15 key commercial sites on the nternet and paid for the deletion of zero tolerance

xinhuanet.com February 19 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Luo Yufan) on the eve of the Spring Festival, the National Network Information Office held the key commercial sites charge a forum to discuss how to further promote the network extortion and delete posts paid "special rectification work to promote the realization of the network space completely clear up the target. Participants said that it will be in accordance with the arrangements for the implementation of the National Network letter office, the deployment of special rectification work carried out.

Sina and other 15 commercial sites are mainly responsible for attending the meeting, focusing on the understanding of the special rectification work, to carry out network extortion and paid delete posts and other specific measures to actively speak.

participants agreed to carry out network extortion and delete posts paid "special rectification is to let the network space clear up", the construction of the network power is an important measure, is of great significance, to really pay attention to enhancing awareness, to correct their attitude, so Li Charles Li line. Will combine their actual in-depth to find the false news, paid delete posts, negative information source, get together is not standardized, the work flow is not strict, supervision system is not perfect, carry out a rectification work system and constantly improve the press, retractions, work processes and internal control measures to improve the work, through the use of loopholes in the system work to seek private interests, the establishment of long-term mechanism of governance network extortion and paid delete posts.

sina.com.cn deputy editor in chief Zhu Xiaoguang said, attaches great importance to the rectification work, to participate in online extortion and paid posts will be "zero tolerance", once found strongly labor relations, the serious nature of the case to the public security organ, never condoning.


editor in chief Chen Zhaohua said, sohu.com attach great importance to and actively respond, earnestly implement the rectification arrangement of the national network information office and other four departments, set up a special working group, immediately carry out a comprehensive inventory of the company.

ifeng.com editor in chief Zou Ming said that there was ifeng.com staff involved in paid posts and be brought to justice, profound lesson, giving top priority, face the problem, set the rules, improve the process.


network executive editor Yu Dan said, the Baidu Inc will purge the ranks to network extortion and delete posts paid special rectification work as a valuable opportunity, and severely punish the "ghost", strengthening discipline, improve the system, to ensure the effectiveness of remediation.

, Tencent.com 163.com, today’s headlines, Caixin, Qihoo net, TOM net, china.com, renren.com, CILU network, financial network, an information network website official also spoke at the meeting.

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