Google Adsense Chinese 3 years old

      September 22, 2004, for China’s webmaster, especially personal webmaster, this is a memorable day, Google Adsense Chinese version of the official release. From the Google Adsense with its unique way in continuous conquest and affects the Chinese webmaster, in spite of the many twists and turns, although different publishers have different views on it.

      Google Adsense Chinese webmaster to one hundred thousand in the past 3 years and hundreds of thousands of Chinese site on the Google Adsense ad in Beijing set up a scale Chinese service team, the development of many large portals become partners, all this is not easily won.

      Google Adsense Chinese we count the achievements for the past 3 years.

      1, rapid development of

      Google Adsense with extraordinary speed in the Chinese site in a large area of flowering, especially in the second half of 2005 to the first half of 2006, almost a monopoly of the Chinese personal site, this is a no advertising alliance once achieved.

      2, the impact of

      impact release of Google Adsense to the webmaster who is not only advertising and increase revenue, especially in compliance with the rules and improve the quality of Web site are very strong in the attitude to promote the progress of Chinese webmaster.

      3, local team

      this is an outstanding achievement, Google Adsense established a Chinese Chinese service team in Beijing, almost takes all Chinese Publisher Service task, the team also provides optimization plays an important role in organizing various activities and publications for specific advertisers.

      4, local function

      localization team promoted the product and function localization, especially according to the domain name protection function Chinese network development in special circumstances, other more localized features in the development of Google, Shanghai Research Institute will provide strong support to this change.

      5, auxiliary sales


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