One week news review listed in the first half of the Mo Mo flash back car Shenzhou ad against Uber

1 video sites have said user fee era: would you like to pay for "Tomb notes"

line for 5 minutes, 24 million 605 thousand hits, super network drama "Tomb notes" first aired in June 12th hit a shot in the arm to the market, on the line after 22 hours, "Tomb notes" for Iqiyi import breakthrough flow. But for Iqiyi, the difference is really about "Tomb notes" the charge model for VIP membership growth growth of 100%.

kicked off this week at the Shanghai International Film Festival, the Internet should not be able to see the shadow of the past into the topic. More and more long titles advertising let video website and the audience had to face an embarrassing dilemma, Iqiyi, music television, millet and other companies have said that the time has come to charge users.

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video sites have said user fee era: would you like to pay for "Tomb notes"  

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2 on the death of Tencent micro-blog, the truth of the staff know  

before joining the Tencent in 2011, I did not consider talking directly to Sina micro-blog. Because I think Tencent micro-blog actually have more chance to smile finally, even though Sina has accounted for the initiative, very influential. With speculation and forcountry, I became a member of the Tencent of micro-blog. But at the beginning of 2013, I feel the pulse Tencent micro-blog declined, already know this child sooner or later". Although I have done something, although I think Tencent micro-blog still have a chance, but there is no egg. From the beginning of the season, micro-blog has never appeared in the Tencent quarterly.

I don’t know when the strategy, decision making, also don’t care what the palace fighting, not on any more insider, a backseat driver worked with colleagues. I speak from my own experience and observation, to tell the truth I know. After all, as a woman of the old Chinese Internet, when Tencent micro-blog live, I took it in hand, touched it pulse.

3 Nora founder’s wife: no one was quick to speak before I stand up

Nanshan Science and Technology Park, Shenzhen, is a gathering place of science and technology enterprises: Tencent, ZTE, Xinjiang science and technology and other representative companies are stationed in Shenzhen.

there’s a company that was once famous: nora. Now it has been relegated to a less than 50 square meters of office buildings in the corner, and there is no office staff.

"because there was no money, after last July,"

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