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social marketing how to play? Social marketing you understand how to do it? This afternoon I was at the Shenzhen University participated in the 36 Talk Kr WISE activities of the ShenZhen Railway Station, invited 4 guests do share, is the theme of startups how fun social marketing share? Guests are Li Yang FitTime, interactive fun Lao Dong, co-founder and CEO Wang Zhiwei TangVision and the Penguin Guide founder (Deng Xiaotang).


had not participated in the 36 krypton event, guests also have not heard of the share, I may be with very limited knowledge and scanty information. The beginning of the event than the scheduled time delay of 15 minutes, it is at the beginning of 2, the results really start until 2:20, because some people did not arrive in the specified time, I was half an hour in advance to the punctuality is a good habit.

before and after a total of 4 guests to share, a total of 2 hours. Each of them will bring what wonderful views or content? I will combine their own understanding to sum up, how to play social marketing


people are the most basic unit of a society, socialization is everyone or most of it, social marketing that is the meaning of everyone involved, this is just a literal understanding.


1 before you do understand your target audience group

How to understand the

target group? Is a problem related to the user portrait, including some personal characteristics, such as: the audience a male, 31 years old, married, more than 10 thousand of revenue, love delicacy, group purchase Master, love red wine with a cigarette. Personally think, want to know your audience, then go ahead and try it, it will be clear.

these are its preferences, personal tags, and then slowly dig out more customer groups to find their common ground. Then you can try to do market research, questionnaire, to understand your target audience he is most concerned about what kind of problems, as a record, easy to follow the direction of their work.

The development of

users generally can be divided into 4 stages: introduction, is the beginning of the start process from 0 to 1, we call it the first batch of seed users, to do is insight into consumer, consumer behavior on consumer habits; then the growth stage, at this stage the user gradually began to increase. The user scale has been expanded; the second is the mature period, profits, expand income stage; the fourth stage is the period of decline, due to the location or market reasons, could not have a big growth space.

2 focus on the scene of the user experience


scene is in your daily life, where you want to eat, where you want to play and so on

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