Yu Bin 2007 popular keywords precision marketing

this year, many companies have established their own website, so, in 2007, the Internet has more than a popular keywords – precision marketing. Precision marketing is the father of marketing professor Kotler put forward the concept of marketing. Because of the emphasis on "broken down", and "agree without prior without previous consultation to provide personalized service" for the concept of Internet users. After the end of 2005 with the blog, has become the most potential development of Internet marketing model. The precise positioning technology as the core, for advertisers directly to find suitable for the target users of the product, and the effect of consumption to calculate the price paid for advertising, including the "advertising", the search engine PPC, and other forms of direct mail advertising.

early Internet advertising to take the site by the amount of the calculation of the cost of marketing, but due to the limitations of technology and speed, Internet access and other limitations, the amount of online advertising growth is limited. In 2000 the Internet bubble burst, the network media reshuffle, online advertising marketing has changed. In addition to the amount of billing, the use of a variety of ways, such as layout, time to calculate the cost of advertising, a rough estimate of the effect of online advertising. In 2005, the "advertising" brings the change of Internet advertising. "NarrowAD" semantic analysis through the search, the surrounding matching customized advertising to automatic delivery and content network articles, and according to the users’ browsing habits, input keywords and other personalized "clues" tracking are carried on.

how to get the accurate flow? Yesterday afternoon and I fly long nets (www.biyi99.com) CEO Mr. Wu Shijun discussed this issue now, summarizes a few share:

1, Baidu marketing. From the SEO point of view, the general keywords in the row in front of the Baidu and Baidu Post Bar, so we can publish content on Baidu know and Post Bar, such as an enterprise is doing clothing, can go to the service life of large class of Baidu and Baidu know the Post Bar in search of the corresponding column, then re released some skills, paste the contents, after the flow is Many a little make a mickle., considerable.

2, local marketing. The general localization of the forum community is set up for a long time, more or less a part of the accumulation of popularity, we can send past skilled advertising stickers, or for community members to send message forum. Although not necessarily all prospective customers, but there will certainly be potential customers.

3, peer marketing. The peer marketing and local marketing methods are basically similar, but the choice is wide, the publication of advertisements and messages of time to plan, such as the 11 day at noon to 1 pm, 9 pm -9 half is the peak of the Internet, can be released at this time or later; 12 evening issued, the general forum community management staff after 12 pm are not online, so from 12 p.m. to 7 a.m. the post is always there.


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