A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of several well known English search engines


—-AltaVista  is a fast, powerful keyword search engine, can perform extremely complex search, but the user must first grasp its various options.   if you’re serious about web search, it’s smart to have a good AltaVista . AltaVista can search more than one word phrase, phrase in quotes as long as you can, for example: "health  care  facilities"   (" health care facilities "); etc..   AltaVista  there are many options for further search. It can also branch into a directory like channel area, called "zones"," for a wide range of searches, such as health, news, travel, etc..  

search options: Simple (simple) or Advanced (Advanced) search, to search again to reduce the search scope. You can use the Boolean operator "AND", "OR".  


search options: simple and fine.  


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