Website brand marketing needs features

traditional enterprises to do publicity, often more old-fashioned, his frame in a very high level, but the Internet is relatively flexible, often see all kinds of active CEO, simply say, Internet users are not loaded to force, true love. Typically, such as Ma Yun, there is no doubt that as a sign of the Alibaba; Sohu Zhang Zhaoyang, Chen ou, micro-blog N CEO appeared their war of words, all have personal influence to bring the enterprise brand.

our marketing activities, more personal, will make you more successful marketing activities, at least give people the feeling is true to life the big living, and not hackneyed and stereotyped expressions of stereotyped writing.

to promote their website promotion is much easier than to be, you can use the idea that the goal of the website users know that you are the founder of a website, interested to your website, this simply let them know your website more easily.

how to conduct personal color marketing?

first, to make sure that what you do is your interest or expertise, you will excel in this field, if your website is a collection of your own website, then this collection is utterly ignorant of,, personal marketing will become a difficulty. If you are a super collector, you are very good at this field, then to share, to collect the needs of the fans to share them. They will naturally be interested in you, so that you know the site.

then, you have your own style, the founder of the style will give users more vivid, more specific, more vivid feeling, such as venture capital is Xue Manzi, an old urchin, and very willing to do public service, which has a large number of fans in micro-blog, then his love is also very abstract Manzi, when see Manzi summarization, my mind will emerge the humorous laowantong Xue Manzi image, optimistic, willing to charity.

is the last to participate, to participate in some industry gathering industry activities, website advertising you want to go in these gatherings, but to pay advertising sponsorship fee, but you go to it, not only will not be charged, and will welcome your arrival, increase your influence, not only does not charge, can be the guest, courtesy, to personal influence which can better bring the user to the site.

the formlessness of marketing, is the most effective way of marketing, webmasters often are the deliberate pursuit of search engine ranking to flow fast, but in fact the search engine traffic did not have a very high viscosity, there will be few repeat customers, and because of a careless, search the engine may be sealed off your traffic even simple visitors rather than users, so it will come to the site of future operations and profit model to increase the difficulty. The article starts A5, reprint please indicate Kung Fu tea, respect >

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