How to promote your blog

more and more people from the free blog there to evacuate, joined the independent blog this big family, in order to get rid of the restriction of free blog, you use the independent blog, but when you really left a free blog, you will find it, you don’t have to worry about traffic problems here: take Sina blog if you were well written, writing on the letter to the first page of the push is not possible, then your blog traffic will Shua to rise even if you; writing is not how good, according to related articles in many blogs are related to the type of Sina blog articles, there is always people will come to your blog to others blog; if you add a lot of circles, often to other blogs around (in landing state), you do not have to worry about traffic. Since you leave the free blog, you do not have to consider the benefits of it, it is imperative to let your blog someone to visit.

for an independent blog is very new, traffic from search engines is of no concern, the first consideration is used on the network friends, don’t leave your free blog will close it (like 72 loose this blog is off), but continue to let it stay there [top] function words a story about yourself to be transferred to an independent blog log, if not the top, then find the most conspicuous place, and then to their friends on the blog message (remember to attach their own independent blog name), keep your free blog updated continuously for a period of time. And set a stop updating, completely independent blog into time, so often visit your blog will know your new blog.

Independent blog

more popular these types: Z-blog, WordPress, PJblog, SABLOG, Bo-Blog,… (there are many souls do not list one by one), and these independent blog programs have their own basic forum, you can get some visitors through the forum, the forum you can make a lot of new friends, so your blog will also get some traffic

The free

blog, you visit other blogs in landing state, the other side of the blog will be displayed on the recent visitors, in order to prove that you have been here, so you more love is over, but not comment. And the use of independent blog, can visit, but leave a little comment there will be a lot of benefits, a children’s writing in the previous six reasons why others blog comments six reasons inside is: increase the flow, make friends, let you fire up, blog comment = knowledge + thinking + creative inspiration, add blogs the weights, in the search engine to get the recommended. There are so many benefits, you will not bother to do it? Even if it is not, you will not leave a "pass"?

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