Fintech entered the 2 stage startups to blaze trail

Internet banking is experiencing a downturn, tightening regulation, extensive growth model has come to an end, began to develop to 2 Fintech1.0 from the main stage to improve the user experience and innovative asset classes, July 20th in this context, 36 krypton combined forright capital, CRE capital held a "WISE Powerise technology finance Salon", in-depth study of the mutual fund industry launched decide on what path to follow.


In discussing the prospect of

, what is the inherent law of first need to clear the financial innovation? Forright capital founding partner Li Feng that the economies of the credit cycle in these three things followed the emergence of financial innovation, asset securitization and wealth management innovation. First, cut that ample liquidity, money is a primitive impulse to find some of the original has not been fully explored the innovation of assets, financial innovation will appear is one hundred percent things, the only variable is where innovation."

the second stage is to do asset securitization on innovation assets, according to Li Feng introduced in the United States, for example, this stage is the innovation of real estate loan assets to diversify and hedge, innovation in third stages is wealth management. In short, the money to go to a place with higher productivity, is the sole purpose of all financial innovation.

therefore, Li Feng believes that the opportunity to Chinese Internet banking is that the money side can increase the variety of wealth management and asset classes form; in the asset side, also can grasp the "deregulation" trend, the use of existing customers and market advantage Chinese opportunity for horizontal expansion.

artificial intelligence has more and more applied in the field of finance, it may also be the opportunity for transformation, Chinese mutual gold industry in this regard, the letter and the rich chief strategy officer Wang Jun believes that the United States has China artificial intelligence walk in the front, is worth China enterprise learning, such as the United States according to the relevant enterprises in the non Internet crowd structured data on population analysis, the establishment of a credit system model. This approach with the vast majority of advertising drainage, instant credit method is fundamentally different. Through machine learning, able to identify a number of low-risk groups, reducing the false credit system alone, and then push the list by way of advance to help reduce the risk of the platform side.

for the current robot investment adviser to Vice President Xing Zhifeng, the Phoenix Financial attitude is quite cautious, he said, from a technology perspective, certainly not simply personal user information collected by simple statistical analysis, neither the value is also very easy to be copied. In order to achieve the real robot care first to get huge amounts of data, but also requires a combination of financial knowledge mining in the data, we may provide a good asset allocation for users.

in addition to technology to overcome difficulties, really Bao Rong chairman Wu Yanan believes that the current financial system China there are two pain points, is excessive retail and securitization is insufficient, start-up companies in the end funds and assets.

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