Dongsheng how to improve the enterprise website turnover rate

money, almost all the people into the original intention of the Internet, only a short while ago, creating a website, then billionaire legend is not a few. With the aftereffect of imitation crush skin into this full of blood and tears after the gold rush, the situation is different, some people through the full grasp of technology and market, create a web site models to meet new customers, and gradually form a platform; most people imitate, serious homogenization, made no innovation, customer experience poor, unprofitable; when many people choose to give up, leave the Internet, some people still insist on study, enrich themselves, seek an opportunity of their own.

in today’s rapid development of the network society, the network has penetrated into all aspects of human life. Only you can not think of, it can not do without. In reality, network marketing is still the essential choice for many enterprises. Many companies do network marketing, will face such a problem: the site has traffic, turnover is very low, can not find the reason. In fact, some of the common problems of the site are mainly in the following areas:

1, traffic is not accurate, the site is only one column to bring effective traffic.

2, the website is too loud, looks dazzled.

3, the product is only a copy of the vendor’s picture presentation, unattractive.

4, the site does not reflect the strength or trust, turnover rate is low.

5, over pile keyword, easy to be K or drop right.

in short, a lot of sites only focus on improving traffic, did not focus on the nature of the site to establish. All means and methods have only one purpose. No transaction sites are garbage.

because there is no deal, there is no gain, no income that is a waste of server bandwidth, the greater the flow is also a waste of more. Therefore, any site should focus on the site of the transaction, the establishment of transaction type website.

so, the benefits of the transaction site:

1, high conversion. The same is the flow of 100, turnover of the site to be converted to 3-5 times higher than the average site. Each point of the site can produce value, this is the best state. Although it can not be said that 100%, if higher than the peer 5%-10%, it is a great thing (different sectors of different proportions)

2, low marketing costs. The higher the transaction, the less the flow of waste, the lower the cost. The overall cost of marketing, such as the proportion of 100 dollars in advertising, you can earn $200, the more investment, the more you earn, the cost of natural low. If the conversion is high, it may be 100 to earn a profit of 300500, higher. Low overall cost.

3, improve the automatic single, reduce labor costs and workload. Copy the website users need to understand all the problems solved, online customer service will be reduced, improving customer self-service under single customer service, greatly reduce the workload of customer service, will be more easy. Although you don’t need it

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