New media interconnection delivery reminder to improve online marketing has great help

A simple

function lets the enterprise sales increase more than 5 times, in 4 years ago, I had a personal business website, then called "Shenzhen seven", but had closed,

at that time because the business is not very good, the first to do research on SEO and website marketing is relatively small, is mainly to the email marketing, I think for a long time, one to two hundred visits to the site every day, why is no one single, a month to several customers, through the study, I added a scrolling text on my website, has received the rolling cycle of clients’ money, "for example: Zhang Beijing 200 / to Shenzhen, Miss Yang website 1000 yuan / paragraph, but a week’s time, my site traffic increased by three times.

now share with you this little experience, can help you like online marketing to improve the sales, the benefits are:

1, allow customers to understand and know that every day there are many people in your order, but we can not be false, seeking truth from facts.

2, make clear the information that has been sent or delivered to the customer.

3, let visitors know that your site is changing every day, someone is always concerned about his visit online.

4, for some hesitant and worry about the site is not reliable visitors, played a part of the heart to dispel doubts.

of course, at the time of design, to paragraph, delivery, month end and other information disclosure, help to improve your sales.

The location of the embedded

to the left and right sides of the top or middle rolling information better, this is to visit the most attention is the most easy to see where the interface should be friendly, not too rough.

if you are having an e-commerce or marketing website, try.

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