Taobao operating the most effective way to promote Taobao Daquan

there are a lot of sellers have a problem, that is, the order is too small. The most direct way to solve this problem, but also the easiest way to think is to promote, because in the case of a certain conversion, the more traffic, then the order will be higher. Li Leiting on the basis of the experience of the past few years to do a summary of network marketing, Taobao stations and stations in some of the results of relatively good promotion.

Taobao station flow channels: natural search rankings, through, Taobao, Taobao, diamond booth


station flow channels: the promotion of Baidu, Baidu, SEO, WebUnion soft Wen promotion, Baidu know, hard wide

SNS flow channels: WeChat, micro-blog, QQ space, forum

1, natural search ranking

product features: natural search ranking is based on your own baby weight, the allocation of appropriate keywords, so that it was ranked, the introduction of traffic.

main optimization points: the main optimization title, up and down shelf time, conversion rate, sales, etc.. Taobao is now thousands of people face, so the price of this factor is also very important.

suitable for what kind of promotion: product promotion

cost: low cost, or even 0 cost, often the need to brush alone to match.

2, through train

product features: through the car is an accurate drainage tool, in accordance with the pay per click.

main optimization points: the main optimization of the promotion of the main map, promotion of the title, the promotion of the region, the promotion period, promotion platform, key words precision, train account records. The most important is the two points, 1, click rate, the conversion rate of 2.

suitable for what kind of promotion: product promotion

cost: can be high and low, a wide range of applications, large and small sellers can use

3, Taobao guest

product features: is a relatively good CPS promotion tool, that is, to pay for the transaction.

main optimization points: the main optimization, baby volume, Taobao passenger volume, Taobao passenger commission ratio, to Taobao customer incentives, etc..

suitable for what kind of promotion: product promotion

cost: generally this is the transaction after the payment, but in order to get more Taobao customers to promote you, you need to pay a higher proportion of commission to deal. Small and medium-sized sellers are suitable. Big sellers can recruit their own Taobao customers, keep Taobao off, small sellers generally open Taobao customer, commission to engage in a little higher, and then brush a few single Taobao customer orders just fine.

4, diamond booth

product features: is in accordance with a thousand times to pay the marketing tool.

main optimization points: creativity, advertising position, orientation, time and other

what kind of push

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