Promotion sentiment rational promotion and positive promotion

      the real spirit of sharing from many webmasters who already see, everyone in the closet. Have experience with the idea of the owners are actively exploring, and many small owners only in the webmaster forums, information portal desperately looking for someone to throw out a word or two experience. Most of the soft Wen will not mention the real valuable experience.

      today straw to some of their own ideas a little sum up, to share with everyone. For a long time did not write the article, hand a little health, we will look at it, I will actively share with you later. At the same time also hope that we can put some valuable experience to reveal a little.

      a new station on the line, to flow rapidly, on the forum, Post Bar thread, which is a thankless task, this is likely to ruin your lovely name, let Baidu gently remove your name from the database! You may be too late for regrets!

      in fact, as long as we work hard, can easily make your IP up.

      1 soft Wen Raiders

      write text, is one of my favorite, of course I know, many webmaster can’t write soft Wen, before the primary school do not have a good written essay, now how to write good soft? If you do not have the language, then you can try the following methods.

      (1) finishing the industry’s main website
        such as: if you are the webmaster class website, then you can sort out the "2007 webmaster commonly used in the mainstream webmaster website! "Carefully organize, carefully organize, if you sort out the 50 sites, just in the list will be easy to put their own web site into it, I believe that no one will pay attention to! But you have to understand that the real value of something to share with others, others will collect thank you, will not care about your own AD!

      (2) will be members of the article (Note: at least should be the original high quality and the first in your website article) forwarded to other sites, indicating that the article from so! Here to remind a lot of friends, do not modify the others in the soft text, the text will be linked to the address of their own and then publish everywhere. The BS is this kind of person, stated: if you find these articles in the Admin5, deleted without mercy!

      2 link

      first you have to remember one thing: don’t count on your little

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